Tray: the gay vote doesnt beat the everyone else vote...obama wont get back in and this guy is even worse.

maybe the president should worry about issues that matter like the war,education,economy,healthcare, etc etc instead of worrying about theses minority issues like satsifying the gays demands....i dont care what gays are eating for worried about this country gettin out the hole its in...not gays gettin who cares

cuz its taking up valueable legistalive time for gettin real shit done then jus satisfying a small group of ppl with demands about marrying ppl when ppl are gettin killed in a war or loosing their homes cuz they lost they job or the us becoming the 31st state in education when smaller countries are smarter then ur kids..cuz their parents are retards..or ppl dying from inproper i would say thats more important and thats why ppl care and gay ppl sound stupid about now about lousy marriage...hopefully maybe that answers ur retarded side of the arguement....js

We care! When is INEQUALITY NOT IMPORTANT! If we just said, oh let those blacks be second class citizens, where would we be?-- separate but equal right? I am frankly offended by that comment. I do think it is silly that this is such an issue, when it should be something that is a clear injustice to the American people. But, because it is commonly ostracized, I do think its very important for the president to "worry" about this issue. Sure, the war, education, and economy are very crucial things, but until this social issue is solved it is all in vain, if we can't as A COUNTRY see the injustice, and blatant inequality of rights between gay and heterosexual couples. They day we vote for human rights on a state level is the day, we have to seriously look at what we as a country now stand for.

its not equality when ur tryin to badger and supress hetrosexuals speaking up for what they believe..last time i checked hetrosexuals was here first...time for gay ppl to stfu and take a seat til the more important issues get not payin taxes so adam and steve can get married and nuthin else is gettin done

and neither will we re re.... we aint shuttin up either...and hetrosexuals should have their voice not jus flaming homos thinkin their complaints are always first and always are first...that simple

last time i checked there more ppl out there then jus a small group called gay ppl
gay ppl should stop bein selfish and think about the other stuff thats goin on instead of jus thinkin about i got my point across im done here

No one is suppressing heterosexuals freedom of speech. I frankly don't care what they think, what I and what YOU should care about if FREEDOM, and the lack of it when it comes to the issue of marriage. This country was created with every man created equal, and when this basic right is infringed upon,yes you, Joe Shmo, and I should all be upset. Oh and the whole "last time i checked hetrosexuals was here first." is bull crap, and honestly the most incorrect thing and idiotic thing you've said thus far. Homosexuals have been around since the dawning of time and if you look at many cultures in the past (Greeks, Romans, Egypt..etc) It wasn't until Religion in particular Christianity began to engulf its judgmental views onto the world that is was ever an issue. So, no you are wrong we've been here, and we aren't going no where! You are going to hear us screaming from the mountain tops until things CHANGE. I am tired of waiting! The Old man who has been with his partner for 50 years is sick and tired of waiting. I hope you realize you are quoting some of history when you say, "time for "_________" ppl to stfu and take a seat til the more important issues get done" The blank is to show you how anyone can be placed in that quote of hate and ignorance. Know that you will lose this battle with me, and why, because I'm right. Do not belittle the for the rights of a human being, who in the hell do you think you are?

Oh and Tray, don't think I'm saying these things because, it's right in the eyes of gay people. I say it because it's right in the light of all people. We aren't yelling because we are selfish, we are yelling because it's unjust! This is a human rights argument, not a "do you want Chinese or Mexican tonight for dinner" debate. What if the jews, the blacks, the irish, and all other groups who were not the "Majority" said, hey lets not care if we have rights, lets just shut the fuck up, and stay slaves and/or second class citizens, until everything else gets solved. EVERYTHING else is never going to be completely solved! So, yes, I refused to wait at the back of the bus anymore! We are not waiting in line, we want change and we want it now, not later, not tomorrow, not after the world fixes its self. NOW! and so should you, you arrogant, ignorant prick!
And don't think because we are a small group that we don't deserve rights, what kind of logic is that? We are not a "small group" we are your teachers, lawyers, Brothers, Fathers, Sisters, Aunts & Uncles, television personalities, friends, police men and women, firemen, plumber, waiters, Doctors, and soldiers. WE ARE AMERICANS, just like you and we deserve rights too!!