from today's Forbes, written by Josh Barro, Gay Conservative who worked for a previous Romney campaign:

"The story is more damning for Romney in other ways.

It’s telling that the campaign seems to be having so much difficulty finding any friends from the Cranbrook School to talk to the media about what a good guy he was.

The Romney camp reached out to Stuart White (who threw the party where Mitt and Ann Romney met) asking him to make supportive remarks. Instead, White contacted ABC News and expressed his ambivalence to do so, saying “it’s been a long time since we were pals.”

Another old friend of Romney’s told ABC on background that Romney’s behavior in high school was “like Lord of the Flies” and that a number of people from Cranbrook have “really negative memories” of him.

Is there really no one from Cranbrook that Romney can persuade to vouch for him? The whole thing gives the sense that Romney was a Regina George-like figure in high school—“popular,” but mostly because other students were afraid to cross him.

IMPORTANT TO NOTE: This article appears in FORBES, not HuffPost or DailyKos. Even many fellow fiscal conservatives find Mitt to be fairly reprehensible apart from their shared financial interests.