Netanyahooo, attempts deceit again. Claims he'll stop 'government settlement building' for peace !! BULLSHIT !!! Most is built by Private Developers.

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    May 12, 2012 4:04 AM GMT
    Very few settlement projects are built by the government on Government land. Most are built by private developers, and Yahooo stated he will not stop those projects.

    In fact, Netanyahooo is leading the way to go against the Israeli Supreme Court ruling to demolish the "ulpana settlement", where the "Settler leaders knew homes were built on private Palestinian land says Ulpana developer"

    So which side of Yahoo's mouth should we take serious ? By the way, Millions of Christian Fundi dollars are donated for such settlement projects, and such billionaires as ADELSON, the dual citizen of Israel and the US, who funded Gingrich campaign for president. US tax dollars go to fund military supplies and personael to guard these illegal settlements, Effectively we here in the US work to block peace just as Yahoo does.

    People like LIL'AIPAC here on RJ needn't talk of anyone trying to delegitimize Israel, because such leaders as Netanyahooo do plenty to that end on their own.

    Read about all of the above on Haaretz News

    Here's the article about the Settlement built on Palestinian land >>>>>

    "Settler leaders knew homes were built on private Palestinian land, says Ulpana developer"

    "CEO of the company that built the neighborhood in the West Bank settlement of Beit El told police three years ago that land purchases were never finalized".
    By Chaim Levinson

    "Settler leaders knew from the start that Beit El's Ulpana neighborhood was built partly on privately owned Palestinian land, police documents reveal, even though residents claim they bought the houses in good faith.

    Yoel Tsur, CEO of the company that built the neighborhood and owns 24 of the 30 houses that the High Court of Justice has ordered razed, admitted in a police interrogation three years ago that it was built on Tsur, a long-time Beit El resident, has run the Company for Developing Beit El's Yeshiva Complex for the last 20 years. In 1996, his wife and son were killed in a terror attack near the West Bank settlement. Shortly thereafter, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (then in his first term) and then-Defense Minister Yitzhak Mordechai agreed to build a new neighborhood in their memory. In the end, two neighborhoods were built: Maoz Tsur and Ulpana Hill.

    In 2008, Palestinians petitioned the High Court, claiming they own the land now occupied by five of Ulpana's 14 apartment buildings, each of which has six apartments. They also filed a police complaint for trespassing.

    In 2009, police questioned Tsur under caution. His statements, reported here for the first time, reveal that settlement officials always knew the location was problematic.

    Tsur said that in the mid-1990s, Amana, the settlement movement's construction arm, tried to purchase the plots in question, which are listed in the Civil Administration's land registry as Lot 34 and Lot 39. "In June 2000, a contract was signed to sell Lot 34 at a price of $6,000 per dunam, or $183,000 in total," he said.

    That, however, was two years after construction at the site began.

    Moreover, even according to Tsur, the contract covered only Lot 34. "I was told, I don't remember by whom, that Lot 39 was in the process of being purchased and that the deal would be completed," he said.

    Asked by police whether it was completed, he answered "I don't know." Amana, he added, is the one that dealt with the land issue.

    When police pressed him as to why he had built on private Palestinian land, he changed his story slightly, saying one building was accidentally built on the wrong lot.

    Police then asked what could be done to finally conclude a sale begun a decade ago. "As you know, the process of Jews buying lands from Arabs is a very long process, because one doesn't want to reveal the sellers' names," Tsur responded. "Therefore, the deals are done very slowly."

    Regarding Lot 39, police demanded, "How did you build buildings on this land on the basis that someone told you he had bought Lot 39, without seeing a contract?"

    "The truth is I don't remember who in Amana told me that Lot 39 was in the process of being bought, and that with God's help, the deal would be concluded," Tsur said. "It was 10 years ago. But there was a permit from the Housing Ministry to plan and finance the project, so I assumed the deal had been concluded, or was about to be concluded."

    Tsur admitted that he had no building permit, however. Asked whether Beit El has an approved master plan - a prerequisite for legal building - he answered, "I don't know."

    Asked why he built without a permit from either the local council or the Civil Administration, Tsur told the police, "Since the Housing Ministry was a partner to planning the houses, to financing the infrastructure - electricity, sewage, water roads, sidewalks, walls, buttresses, railings - I thought in my innocence that there was no obstacle to building the houses ... A plan was submitted to the Beit El local council, and when the Housing Ministry began financing infrastructure for the project, I thought that in practice, the process had been approved."

    Asked whether he had since obtained a permit, he said he has "never seen" such a document.

    Surprisingly, Tsur said no less than three times that he "didn't know" or "didn't remember" who headed Amana at the time. In fact, the post had been held since 1989 by Ze'ev Hever, a legendary figure in the settlement movement and well-known to anyone involved in settlement construction.

    Hever, who was also questioned, said the effort to buy Lot 39 "got stuck," and he was unaware that any building had been done there.

    In 2010, police decided to close the case on the grounds that no one had committed any crime. The Yesh Din organization appealed that decision to the state prosecution, which is still considering the matter.

    Police also concluded that the seller of Lot 34 - which Amana finally tried to register in its name only after the High Court petition was filed in 2008 - didn't actually own it. Last September, four months after the state promised to demolish the houses and three days before a High Court hearing on the case, Amana challenged that conclusion in the Jerusalem District Court. It will hear the suit in July. "

    More to come about Yahoooo's off to 'symbolically' stop building government settlements 'for peace'.

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    May 12, 2012 3:29 PM GMT
    Taken from Haaretz News the portions quoted were written by Barak Ravid and Opher Bar=Zohar

    "Earlier this week the High Court of Justice ordered the demolition of the buildings by July 1, in a rejection of the state's request that it reconsider its ruling.

    The court said the state had pledged a year ago to evacuate the houses by July 1 and there were no extenuating circumstances requiring it to revisit the matter.

    It was estimated that Friday's meeting would center around discussion of the ways to get around the High Court ruling, including by passing a law approving the disputed buildings.

    Many Likud ministers are said to approve such an option in the belief it will greatly inhibit the ability of the Palestinians to demand the land, which they claim is theirs.

    Meanwhile, Vice Prime Minister Silvan Shalom spoke to the head of the Beit El council, telling him that there was no other possibility but to legislate a declarative law on the matter.

    Shalom said that settlement in the West Bank was a value that the Likud wished to advance and that it was pointless to fight for each hill, necessitating a law that would allow further the establishment of the settlement project.


    Netanyahu said earlier this week "thought should be given" to a law that would provide retroactive approval for the buildings, the first time he had not outrightly rejected the notion.


    Such a law would be likely to be met with harsh international criticism.
    The Defense Ministry, which supports evacuation of the houses, is considered unlikely to propose new solutions. Its position is that the buildings should be demolished as the High Court ordered, and its residents moved to homes in Beit El, built on state land.

    Residents of the Ulpana neighborhood said Monday they had no intention of negotiating a departure from their homes, and that it was up to the state to solve their problem.

    In the case of the West Bank outpost of Migron, the High Court also rejected the state's request to postpone that evacuation. The court reaffirmed its order that Migron be evacuated by August 1, 2012. "


    The international community knows exactly what is going on whether or not the US AIPAC lapdogs in Congress and their Christian Fundi's will admit to what is going on.

    The more we in the US aphold this bullshit the more hated we will be in the Middle East and the more 'illegitimate' we will be in the Middle East right along with Israels far right.

    Its high time the US Tax Payers wake up !!! 'Carte Blanche' approval of Israel is not in the best interest of the US.
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    May 12, 2012 5:15 PM GMT
    Here's how one Haaretz News commentor puts his belief in Nutty Yayhoo's 'stopping the settlements'

    8. 34 7 View > "By 2016 we will dismantle the wheels of eight trailers in the hilltop of Bet Shtuyot"
    Leandro Nahmías 12.05.12 17:19

    LOL !!!!
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    May 13, 2012 2:49 AM GMT
    "at a meeting in Ramallah on Saturday Netanyahu's envoy for the peace process, attorney Isaac Molho, gave Abbas a letter from Netanyahu on the impasse in the peace process. It was a response to a letter to Netanyahu from Abbas from a few weeks ago, in which the PA leader blamed Israel for the derailment of the peace process.

    A senior Israeli official said that in his response Netanyahu called for the immediate resumption of talks without preconditions, but did not propose any new ideas."

    NuttyYAYHOO said nothing about his permitting some 7000 settlement unit building permits in the last year, which are the most obvious of 'preconditions' on the ground that belongs to Palestinians.