Does He Know We're Going out on Dates?

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    May 13, 2012 5:14 PM GMT
    So there's a gay friend of mine who I've become attracted to and interested in (introduced to me by a now another gay mutual friend of ours a couple months ago) and I finally worked up the nerve to ask him out on a date last week, just the two of us for once. Out to dinner and drinks and texting afterwards say how we had fun and would like to see each other again (we've never texted after we all hung out as a group). They went well so that's good.

    We went out again yesterday on a date, to the museum, dinner and drinks at the same bar. The bartender recognized us from last time and asked what "the boyfriend will be having" when he took our drink orders. That's a good thing that we give off that vibe of being more than friends as that's what I'm hoping for and I think he's interested in me too since the first date we established that we're both open to dating friends and he's done so in the past, we were a bit flirty on the first date we went on

    I texted him after last night saying I had fun and would like to see him again soon to hint that indeed those were dates (dating?).

    Hopefully he should or already knows those were dates and we aren't just hanging out as friends- I don't want to give an mixed signals. It's fine if he wants to remain friends but we do have things in common, he hit's most of the things I'm looking for and (at least I think) he may be attracted to me also so it might be worthwhile exploring potential BF territory...

    Maybe I need to less showing and more telling just to confirm? What should I say? We haven't kissed or anything yet if he also feels the same way. Not sure how to initiate that either.

    Need a little help with this from those more experienced.
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    May 13, 2012 5:48 PM GMT
    / Opps, forgot that part- yep. He's gay and knows I am too so that hurdle is out of the way.

    BTW, feel free to face palm as this is another gay guy (not another straight guy thread) who I'm going on dates yet am still unsure if he know's these are dates...I'm still new at this icon_redface.gif