By Chaim Levinson | May.13, 2012, found on Haaretz

"AG's fear of legal action against Israeli officials at The Hague also reason for state's hesitance regarding authorization of the Ulpana Hill West Bank outpost.
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu ordered the evacuation of a Hebron home taken by settlers last month after being informed that the expropriation of Palestinian homes and lands could complicate Israeli officials in war crimes litigation, Haaretz learned on Sunday.

Last month, Israeli security forces evacuated Israeli settlers from a house in a Palestinian neighborhood in Hebron, in a surprise move that ended an affair that sparked controversy across Israel and caused a rift in the government.

Senior officials in the prime minister's office said at the time that the evacuation was carried out after careful coordination between the defense minister and the prime minister. Nevertheless, Netanyahu's aides went on the defensive against right-wing criticism and said that the premier had no choice but to approve the evacuation out of security and legal consideration.

The aides said that during the late night discussion prior to the evacuation no decisions were made regarding the immediate evacuation of the house.

However, in a meeting between Netanyahu, Barak, and Attorney General Yehuda Weinstein on the morning of the evacuation, the AG reportedly presented his legal opinion, according to which a lack of strict adherence to the law on the matter could complicate Israel in an international legal crisis. "

This situation is exactly like many a settler take over and settler housing approved by Netanyahoo and financed by Dual Citizen US/Israeli's and the US Christian Fundamentalists through Hagee's Ministry "Christians United for Israel". Your Tax dollars help to guard these places and harass the Palestinians who actually own such places, Your tax dollars go for the Munitions used against the Palestinians at their own homes, farms, lands and Olive groves.

And its all isllegal, except that these fanatics believe that old antiquated bible stories are more 'powerful' that today's law and the rights of the Palestinians.

More to come !!