Margin Call

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    May 13, 2012 9:53 PM GMT
    Hey everyone,

    I just saw the movie " Margin Call" today and wanted to discuss it with those who saw it as well because I've had some issues with it.

    Possible spoilers :

    So it started off very well , and it kept the dramatic tension going for a fair amount of time. The acting was good, no doubt about that, and the cinematography was gorgeous, really captured the "coldness" of the corporate world.

    Now, the screenplay and the story, I didn't appreciate as much.

    1. It felt a tad unrealistic, like they didn't want to delve into the ugliness of it all. I mean it's a Hollywood movie, so obviously there was going to be some heavy glamorizing, from Demi Moore posing by the window of her office to a shirtless Simon Baker shaving in the restroom.

    The dialogues also felt pretty sufacy to me. Sure there were some promising exchanges and monologues where you see things from their perspective in order to stop the demonizing of traders and bankers, but most of them weren't very subtle, and basically just one character schooling the other.

    Besides, except for Kevin Spacey maybe, the characters were all one-dimensional clich├ęs.

    So yeah all of that made the movie a bit dull at one point, because the conversations were repetitive and you didn't feel there was any progress.Basically, It felt like it tried too hard to be a serious movie.

    What did you think ?
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    May 14, 2012 12:49 AM GMT
    I havent seen it but I know of it. I think they were limited in what they could do because it's loosely based on real people/real companies, so the potential threat of a law suit may have had an impact on that.