For those who keep screaming about the "liberal" media, please explain how Jamie Dimon was allowed to retape his interview with Meet The Press once it was clear that the $2 billion loss couldn't be hidden. icon_rolleyes.gif

Of course, David Gregory is a close friend of Karl Rove, so...

NY TimesMr. Dimon taped an interview with NBC’s David Gregory on Wednesday, the day before he revealed on a conference call that JPMorgan had sustained $2 billion in losses from a series of wrong-footed trades in the firm’s chief investment office. Mr. Dimon knew about the losses when he taped the interview, which was held in Ohio, but because of disclosure rules, he was unable to speak about them at the time.

Mr. Dimon arrived at an NBC studio at Rockefeller Center on Friday afternoon to retape his interview for the show in light of the losses, according to a person with knowledge of the situation who was not authorized to speak on the record.

This week happens to be the first time that Mr. Dimon has ever appeared on “Meet the Press,” NBC’s signature public affairs program.

It’s relatively rare for the program to have an interview with a Wall Street chief executive. NBC had billed it in advance as a special discussion on the economy and politics.

But the news of the losses, which has already sparked an inquiry from the Securities and Exchange Commission, will now be the focus of Mr. Dimon’s second interview, according to NBC. In a clip from the retaped interview that was shown on CNBC Friday afternoon, Mr. Dimon expressed regret over the losses.

“We know we were sloppy. We know we were stupid,” Mr. Dimon said. Of the S.E.C.’s investigation, he said, “Regulators should look at something like this – that’s their job.”

After news of the massive trading losses hit on Thursday, Mr. Dimon called Mr. Gregory to apologize for omitting the information during their earlier interview, Mr. Gregory said in an interview on CNBC’s Squawk Box Friday morning.

“He was very forthcoming,” Mr. Gregory said. “This was a big-time screw-up, in his words.”

That Gregory could say Dimon was "forthcoming" after he purposefully omitted the $2 billion loss in his first interview, is more proof of the corporate media, which is not liberal, not progressive. icon_rolleyes.gif