hi pips

i had a topic written here where i told you that i really had strong unnormal feelings for my best friend

but thanks to you i woke up and made my mind

you were totally correct as some people said its hopeless and i should try
to "forget" him and its exactly what i did

so i met a guy online around my age and now we're chatting for a bit over a week now on facebook

i was actually surprised as i saw we share so much things together like we're obsessed with lady gaga and her art, we love art, we are both artists and we like to cook and so on

he already asked me if we could met i and i already told him i would love to but somehow i dont find the time

on pics he is super cute and really attractive to me

but i have there some doubts cause i just had bad experience with online dating

i'm realy suspicious if he looks in real like on the pics cause some time ago
i met someone who i met online

at the end he lied about his weight, eye color, height etc

it would make me really mad if this happens again

i also have to tell you i'm not interested on a sex date i want to get to know him more maybe it can work out

i want to invite him on a date but i dont know what to do

i want him to like me so i thaught the date should be something interesting
not just a date in a bar or a restaurant

or do you think this is wrong?

what would you do?

PS: sorry for my bad english Im totaly stoned atm