You liked the Bush Era Economics?

You liked the crash and burn policies that nearly brought the world financial markets to their knees
Well guess what? ..... You're in luck
Mitt Romney is brining .... Single handedly ....... Back all those people that made it possibe during the Bush Presidency

Or Should I say the Obama predecessor .... Because Romney can't say his name during any speech that he makes
Bush is like the Voldemort of American politics .... The man who you dare not speak etch his name

A small list of Bush era players who are making their new debut on the Romney team

Professor N Gregory Mankiw .... 2003-2005 Council of Economic Advisors under Bush ......

Dean R Glenn Hubbard ..... 2001-2003 Chairman of the Council of Economic Advisors
Hubbard was a leader in the advocacy of deregulation in the Bush admin
And was cited in the documentary Inside Job

Former Senator Jim Talent ...... No Financial background whatsoever

Former Congressman Vin Webber ....again no Financial Background whatsoeverever

Jim Connaughton ... Ran the Bush WH council on Environmental Quality for eight years

Running the shop is Lanhee Chen .... A former Bush Aide in the Dept of Health and Human Services