should i tell my friend im suspicions about his boyfriend?

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    May 17, 2012 11:38 PM GMT
    ok so i have a friend who lives in Canada and we talk very often and were pretty good friends now. he is totally hot and i sometimes shamelessly flirt with him but that's besides the point i consider him a good friend. anyway he has a boyfriend who has a partner my friend says his boyfriend is only living with his partner for financial reasons and for there adopted kids and he said his bf told him his partner cheats on him all the time which at first i thought was none of my business but i was happy for him for finding a bf but we texted all the time and he told me today that we couldn't text regularly anymore because his boyfriend gets jealous and checks his phone from time to time which struck me as odd and now that i think back on all he has told me about his boyfriend i feel like im 90% sure this relationship is gonna go badly for him for a number of reasons

    1. his boyfriend seems jealous and possessive

    2. he has a partner and i feel like maybe my friend might be his piece of ass on the side and my friend isn't seeinging that and on top of that his bf and his partner have kids together.

    3. the whole cheating aspect because his partner doesn't know about my friend which means his bf is cheating on his partner with him and if his bf could cheat on the man he once loved, had kids, a home and life with im afraid eventually he will cheat on my friend and hurt him

    and i wanna respectfully express my concerns to my friend but i don't know if its my place. but if a guy asked me out and told me he had a partner i would be suspicious he is just using me for a sideline boy-toy but maybe im just reading too much into the whole thing so what would you do?? should i tell him or not?? and if so whats a really tactful way to tell him??

    p.s. i'm a Sagittarius so tact is NOT my strong point at all! =P
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    May 18, 2012 12:11 AM GMT
    I'm also a Sagg.

    Find new friends.
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    May 18, 2012 12:27 AM GMT
    I feel like after reading that you're a sagitarius I should just troll this topic.

    I am a virgo and that is irrelevant