If you and your partner complete our questionnaire, we’ll tell you.

Here’s the scoop, in brief:

*Researchers at the University of Rochester are running a study on relationships and sex
*It takes approximately 20 minutes to complete.
*We'll send you an email (in about a month) telling you 1) how similar you are and 2) how accurately you know each other’s preference
*Both you and your partner must 18 years of age or older
*Both you and your partner must participate
*At the end of the questionnaire, you’ll be given a link to send to your partner.

Relationship science has a long way to go in trying to understand close relationships within the GLBT community, such as whether the any of the processes that contribute to well-being in our relationships are different from others’, and if so, what different needs might there be. This is something that I’m trying to address with my research.

For more information and to access the study please visit:

Thanks! I hope it's ok that I post this...Couples who have participated have enjoyed the feedback, and when we send it, we offer to send you a report of the results, when data analysis is completed.

David de Jong – University of Rochester