Epic #YCYL Quotes on RJ: An Anthology

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    May 21, 2012 6:54 AM GMT
    I was gonna bump all the YCYL threads but instead decided to share these morsels of awesomeness:

    "Most gyms have signs posted saying there is no sexual activity allowed, thus alleviating any confusion you may have."

    "There is one Bally's here in town that used to have police stings in the steam room, it got that bad. I fully support something like that on a regular basis."

    "I've seen craig's list posting for hookups at the gyms here in Vegas. If I see any posting for the gym I go to I write and tell them they are going to hell. I love my gym. I don't want it turning in to some kind of hepatitis ranch."

    "the guy in question pulled the same shit with a gym employee and has been thrown out of the gym, membership revoked."

    "When you sit in cum in the sauna of your health club, let me know how accepting you are of this crap. Especially when kids are allowed in the locker room. I have before. I have also walked in on a married co-worker jacking off some dude in the shower. I have also returned from the shower to find my underwear with a fresh cum stain in them."

    "If you play in the steamroom at a conventional gym you are most likely breaking the rules and can't complain if they throw you out."

    "It gets a little pathetic and gross when some perv is watching you change and stroking off watching you in the mirror. Or when you step up to a urinal and the dude is jacking his dick watching you piss.
    Sex is between consenting adults. Too often the interaction is one sided and only one person is comfortable.
    The gym is not a sex club and it is impossible to ignore it."

    "That's the best way to pick up unwanted friends such as bacteria and viruses"

    "Guys like you make gym saunas and steamrooms very uncomfortable places for the rest of us, gay and straight. With all the casual sex you are engaged in, you are probably also putting other people's health at risk every time you cum on the floor. DISGUSTING!"

    "Come on... this is way too freaky... gym sex??? are u ppl out of ur mind??? now I'll pay more attention when I got to the sauna... Fortunatelly nothing like that has happened yet... but if someone tries to pull that out on me... he'll be getting a restraining order real fast..."

    "guys fucking and blowing each other in the shower and steam room...wtf? You do realize that some of us were raised with a shred of public decency. Not to mention it is definitely illegal."

    "Public sex in front of unwitting bystanders is creepy.
    It involves them in something pseudo-intimate and is a firm of nonconsensual sex. Oftentimes, it is done to intimidate the bystander.
    It's on the continuum that ends in rape."

    "Wanking off in public with no regard to who is watching is like having to see someone picking his nose.....disgusting."

    "Let's just say that the average every day citizen who is decent and has manners knows the difference between appropriate and inappropriate behavior in public as it pertains to sex, more specifically, masturbation. I suppose this is why it would be the rare exception, certainly NOT the norm, to walk into any public space whether it be a gym locker room, steam/sauna, neighborhood park, airport terminal, public bathroom, grocery store, WHEREever and find someone masturbating in front of god and everyone. What planet are some of you living on? Cripes! It's just NOT cool - period."

    "Fucking disgusting! Who the fuck wants to step in someone's cum! Nasty!!!"

    "We have full equality here in Canada and guess what? Lol, public sex is still illegal."

    "I zipped back up and got the hell out of there without peeing, madder than hell, and would have reported it, but I assumed it wouldn't have done any good. Gentlemen, I'm sorry to inform you of this, but that's how some of your fellow gay men act in public. And in order to put an end to it, and the political damage it does to our community, I think we need to stop playing immature, self-indulgent games with ourselves here."

    "A few months back I was at a gym and this creepy old guy kept following me around while I was working out. Staring at me and licking his lips. I moved from corner to corner trying to loose the guy and he kept following me. In every way I could without embarrasing the guy, I let him know that I wasn't interested in him and to leave me alone. Finally I got fed up and went to shower.
    That sick pig followed me to the showers and went to the shower across from me and started jacking off. I was pissed.
    I got dressed fast, walked out to the manager and freaked out. The manager said how sorry he was etc. and I was so ticked off I was basically screaming (which is very rare for me) and I said to him in a very loud voice, if you're so F-ing sorry, why don't you go into the locker room and pull that faggot out of the shower and take away his memebership! I said, listen, I'm gay but this is not a gay bar, it's a gym. This kind of conduct is not acceptable in public. Did I over react, maybe. But I set my appointments up throughout the day so I can get in a workout. The last thing I need is some creep, following me around the gym, grabbing his (tiny) package trying to pick me up and then following me into the shower to jack off. Especially in a family gym. THIS IS WHAT GIVES GAY MEN SUCH BAD LABELS."
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    May 21, 2012 6:56 AM GMT

    at least bumping all the threads would have given me an immediate and succinct visual on the forum homepage that you were asking for attention.
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    May 21, 2012 6:58 AM GMT
    Ariodante saidtl;dr

    at least bumping all the threads would have given me an immediate and succinct visual on the forum homepage that you were asking for attention.

    I'd get reported for spamming then. When beneful1 and I did that with all the ac threads a while back it didn't go over so well.