by Jonathan Ferzier and Margaret Talev.

"Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu took his campaign for stopping Iran’s nuclear program to Congress today after telling President Barack Obama his country must be free to decide whether to take military action."

How would the republicans act if a leader of France, Germany, Russia, or say China, wanted something from us and when not satisfied with our Prsidents reaction, went behind the back of our president to the senate and Congressmen ?

Its quite obvious that the ISRAELI LOBBY AIPAC, is what is making the difference !!! AIPAC has lobbied heavily for every action against Iran that has been passed. Google the subject to verify.

When will Americans wake up to just how costly this 'relationship' in its current form with Israel is? These Idiots are trying to back our country into another war for its sake, not ours.

George Washington warned against favoring one nation over another and making the favored nations enemies our enemies. This is what we get for ignoring that warning.