When throwing Mud, some sticks to the thrower, Israel ranked just 5 points(W/North Korea) behind Iran "as one of Countries with most negative global influence", Per Jewish Writer Barak Ravid of Harretz News

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    May 23, 2012 7:37 PM GMT
    "Israel ranked alongside Iran as one of countries with most negative global influence
    Israel, Iran, Pakistan and North Korea were ranked most negatively by 24,000 people surveyed in an annual BBC poll.

    Israel has been ranked in the top four countries that most negatively influence the word, according to a global public opinion poll conducted by the BBC.

    The poll, which surveyed citizens from 22 countries around the world, places Iran in first place, with 55 percent of those surveyed rating it as a negative country. Pakistan ranked second with 51 percent, and in joint third place were Israel and North Korea, with 50 percent of respondents negatively evaluating both countries.

    The broad international survey was an initiative of the BBC World Service, and carried out by GlobeScan, in collaboration with the the Center for International and Security Studies at the University of Maryland – Program on International Policy Attitudes. Over 24,000 people from 22 countries took part in the poll, which was conducted from December 2011 to February 2012.

    The survey’s findings on global attitudes toward Israel are worrying indeed. Last year’s survey already that attitudes toward Israel were negative, but the situation has become more serious this year: Some 47 percent of participants in the 2011 survey had negative views of Israel’s influence on the world, but this year the number has gone up to 50 percent.

    Where do the negative evaluations of Israel come from? Some 45 percent of participants said that Israeli government policy causes them to see Israel in a negative light, and 27 percent said their negative evaluation stemmed from the state’s treatment of its own people. In contrast, 29 percent of those who said they had a positive view of Israel said it was because of their sympathy with Judaism, while a further 26 percent said it was because of Israel’s foreign policy.

    Only 21 percent of those polled defined their views of Israel as favorable, and in only three states - the U.S., Nigeria and Kenya – did a majority of respondents say they had a positive view of Israel. Some 50 percent of Americans that took part in the poll said they had a favorable view of Israel, an increase of 7 percent on the previous year"

    Looks like the Israeli Far Right Leadership and its Lobby AIPAC's mud slinging is sticking to themselves far more than they'd like.

    Seems to me that Israels stopping the Occupation and ending the settlement building preconditions on the Palestinians would place Israel in a lot better light, as well as submitting its Nuclear programs to the same inspections it is seeking to impose on Iran.
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    May 25, 2012 1:00 PM GMT
    It's simple: the Israeli government has behaved shamefully. Netanyahu has acted in an appalling manner to its closest ally. The recent actions of the Israeli government make it hard to love.

    The poll is irrational though: Israel is a democratic country where, despite the current idiot in charge, there is a plurality of opinion, freedom of expressin etc.

    Anyone who sees Israel as a threat comparable to n korea is clearly insane!