Either in real life or online. You know that person that may have not done anything ever really terrible to you but for whatever reason your fabulousness and his/ hers rub you up the wrong way and you decided to just dislike them permenantly. You both kind of enjoy the sparring.
Mine is an old neighbour who I ran into last night at my friends place, I used to live there a while back haven't seen her for ages, I smiled at her when I walked past mainly cause I forgot I dont like her and she glared at me and muttered something. I called her an unchanged bitch and felt like I was on track again.
On here well hmm you know who you are.icon_lol.gif
Edit forgot why we hate each other her friend once parked in the driveway when I came home, busting to go to the loo, I parked her friend in and rushed past, came out again to move and it has been hatey ever since