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Last October, I got a phone call from a recorded message asking me about putting advertising on my property. I hung up, but received the same call two days later; this time I called back, and a recording told me to press 9 to be removed from the marketing list. Despite pressing 9, I received the exact same call again a month later. I got mad, and decided to sue whoever was calling me. Here’s how I did it and got $4,000.

But first, you might wonder why this post is on the blog for a company that sells telemarketing software. I believe that, done right, telemarketing is an effective, appreciated way to get people services they want, deliver important political messages, and raise money for non-profits. Unfortunately, it’s often done very wrong, and the consumers receiving the calls are left annoyed at best or scammed at worst. The government rarely enforces the laws against bad telemarketers, but consumers have a “private right of action” that lets you sue for $500 per violation, with up to triple damages for telemarketers who knowingly violate the law.

So, without further ado, here’s how to sue a telemarketer.