One had a wondrous moment at work last night it made my soul sing with joy.

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    May 26, 2012 9:08 PM GMT
    We had a blow in Agency worker who for some reasion was being coy about his relationship and sexuality; topics he was bring up. That one of my co/workers for clarity was to ask of him, was he a bisexual or a Bonafide homosexual?

    OMG the look on both their faces was classical, oh mine too.icon_razz.gif For me it was like the birth of something.
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    May 26, 2012 10:15 PM GMT
    To my band of brothers, you gotta love that word Bonafide a good old fashioned word meaning genuine, real not fake, true blue. Now it has also been added to homosexual tooicon_razz.gif To represent us who have not and never will do the nasty of any kind with a women.

    For centuries us Bonafide homosexual have been forced to feel shame and less for not ever desiring a women, and for never ever doing any form of nasty with them, or for not taking a wife; yet we are men of many kind.

    They have said we were not real men, yet we have also been some of the greatest warriors in history too, been kings and Pope too.

    No it's time we hold our heads up high, as we are men, and have a right to an identity of our very own too.

    The term gay that was once ours, has become something generic nowadays, and our identity lost with it. But it suits a purpose for those who want to be coy about their past and sexual orientation who once stood under the banner of straight, to go and stand under the banner of gay, and even back agin for some.

    Bonafide Homosexuals are not saying there is anything wrong with bisexuals or we are better, just diffrent not the same, and theres no wrong in that!
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    May 26, 2012 10:23 PM GMT
    I know from the stance I took as a wee child on homosexuality, when it come out I had been molested. I would not stand down that there was something wrong with two males touching, as what was to happen to me did not feel wrong. Albeit I look back and see the wrong that bisexual did to me and what he also took from me. But I also look back knowing I was right in my feelings, and am proude to this day that no matter how much they beat me to force me to step down, to the point of torture I did not.

    I know with all my heart I would never ever of taken a wife just to make others happy, and too be accepted as such thing are not in me; I would of fallen on my sword first. Thus I have the insight of seeing a vast difference between us Bonafide Homosexuals and out half brothers the bisexuals.
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    May 26, 2012 11:12 PM GMT
    Bona Fide!

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    May 26, 2012 11:40 PM GMT
    mayBbignow saidI was going to make a joke until that third part.
    Honey, get help.

    You dont mention anything about the more obvious gay men.
    Arent they bonafied, more-so than you?

    Oh but I don't need help!! I was to seek counseling years ago and got a pass, and prised for coming out of what I did, as such a good productive member of society.icon_razz.gif

    Oh one can not mention all as we are universally a very divers group of males. But........ I did say we are many, thus they were not forgotten, and as Bonafides we are one, yet we are all so diffrent too. As it's been pointed out endless times in the past here at RJ. It has nothing to do with religion, political view, colour, race, breeding, the guy above you or below you. Our common bond is that none of us have ever done the nasty of any kind with a member of the opposite sex, and never will or could, it's just not in us to do so, yet it's a concept that brings out insecurities in people; they need to deal with that.

    lets not forget there are also many out there who also think those who seek marriage equity are also in need of help too, as they are not swimming with the flow, as I do not and feel threatend, as you must, so maybe it's you who are in need of help/counseling for your insecurities, and issues; I see you do not show your face.

    This is a topic that is now not going to go away; it's been born, the seed has sprouted and growing.

    Have a nice day.