She's an extraordinarily talented pianist, who was discussing just now on NPR the nuances of Chopin's préludes while playing samples of them. She started talking about meeting the best pianist of the time, and how he believed in her. She said his encouragement inspired her to continue on, that it gave her strength to keep going. She had a responsibility to live up to the belief that this genius had in her.

I, as a dancer and choreographer, had the extreme honor of working with William Forsythe while he was still the Artistic Director of Ballett Frankfurt. He is, in my opinion, the greatest living choreographer in the world right now. Of the 200 applicants for his workshop, he hand picked me as one of the only dancers he wanted to work with at UCLA, and threw me into a wonderful mix of about 20 people from other disciplines. He told me many times how much he believed in me, and said I was "FIERCE." And yet I haven't lived up to his belief in me.

Vanessa's playing was inspired, but her comment about her mentor made me feel acutely aware of everything I haven't done. I know Salieri's mind. I empathize with him completely.