Muscle Building 12 Week Workout: Need Substitutions

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    May 28, 2012 12:19 AM GMT
    Hi there

    I want to do the muscle building 12 week workout that's on here and I looked through a few of the exercises they have there and some of them I can't do where I workout (it's a home gym). So I was wondering if anyone on here came up with any substitutions for the exercises on there... I'll make a list of which ones I need to change but right now I definitely am seeing the following:

    Cable Side Rotators
    Tube Pull Ups/Downs
    Tube Presses (I have a resistance band that I can use like this though)
    Tricep Bench Dips (I have a bench but it's movable so I don't know how safe that will be)

    ^ That's from the first day, I'm going to go and make a full list when I get the time to go through the entire 12 weeks so I'll be prepared.

    The following is the equipment I have:
    Free weights
    Smith Machine (has cable attachments to do LAT Pulldowns/Sitting Cable Rows)
    Gravitron (not sure what it's called but can do Pull-Ups/Dips on this)
    Swiss Ball
    Resistance Bands
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    May 28, 2012 3:06 AM GMT
    For the cable side rotators use exercises #2 and #3 with dumbbells and a towel as shown on this website:

    You should be able to do the tube exercises with the resistance bands you have.

    If your bench is stable for any other exercise then you shouldn't have a problem with bench dips. If not then a sturdy chair could work.