Pull-up sets. All at once, or spread throughout the day.

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    May 29, 2012 8:33 PM GMT
    Hey guys, so I have one of those pull-up bars that you put in a doorway along with one of those home gyms pictured below (and obviously I have a barbell and weight plates as well 2.5 lbs thru 45 lbs). I'm trying to have three solid lifting workouts a week on top of my cardio, but I'm struggling to think of different exercises.

    1) Is it ok for me to spread my pull up sets throughout the day? I max out in pull-ups around 18, and so I have been doing single sets of about 12-14 pull-ups/chin-ups around 5-6 times a day. Is this ok? or should I try to be doing the sets consecutively. Also
    2) Are there any other exercises, with either weight plates or the barbell that could really help out? Our weight training this past year used dumbbells more than the bar, and I have sort of forgotten good exercises involving the bar/plates.


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    May 30, 2012 12:02 AM GMT
    Personally I do mine all at once. 3 Sets of pull-ups (overhand), 3 Sets of Chin-ups (underhand). I do that every other workout, and then in one of those two workouts I finish my sets with Dumbbell bent-over rows.

    If you have the strength (which is sounds like you do if you're doing 18 in a row), make sure you're doing them effectively and not cheating. I think a lot of people tend to not go down far enough in the pull / chin up.

    My pull up sets started out rather pathetic about 3 months ago ( 4-3-3 ) and now I'm up to about ( 10-9-8 ). Slow and steady I guess, but at least it's an improvement.