Top UNFIXED Bugs in Youtube, Facebook, and Twitter

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    May 29, 2012 11:54 PM GMT
    Major Bugs that have been complained about FOR YEARS by MANY USERS and have never been fixed:

    1. Youtube view counts is never very accurate, and never matches the analytics function. Also, many times the count will automatically stop at 301 or so, even if the video gets thousands of views. Originally this was to prevent too many initial self-view hits, but it's been a bug that has never been fixed for YEARS. You can't have your content go viral or get ranked higher if the count function doesn't work.

    2. Youtube's new Share in HD is a function where it should force the user's player to watch in HD video. It does not work. It will play only at the user's current default quality setting. What's the point of having a link that should force to play in HD, when it doesn't?

    3. Facebook posts not displaying in News Feed. Check the web and you will find as far back as 2009 people saying their own posts don't show in their own News Feeds, or will disappear. This is a known bug that has never been fixed. If I post something, and it appears on my Wall, it better damn well appear on my News Feed. Is this censorship on Facebook's part?

    4. Typing on Twitter with the Firefox browser is like taking a chisel and carving out each letter. It takes forever for each letter to appear. They said initially this was Twitter's character count algorithm messing with Firefox, but no update of Firefox or Twitter has fixed this. For YEARS. How do you expect people to make use of Twitter when they can't even type?

    5. Though not quite a bug, all of these programs are now defaulting to only showing you the Top Videos, or Top Twitter posts, etc. That means that unless you have a lot of followers who will Like your Facebook posts or Retweet your Twitter posts, you'll never get off the ground and no one will see them. Users can change the setting to show all Recent posts or Tweets, but it's not so obvious. Once again, this is a way to make the famous more famous, and the not-so-famous remain unseen and unheard.

    I can't believe that with all the money these companies are generating that they can't fix obvious major flaws like this.
  • rf_dal

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    May 30, 2012 6:10 PM GMT
    Facebook is janky as hell, and I think they've gotten to the point where they're so big they don't think they need to care any more. I don't know how many times I've ragequit the app on my phone lol