A friend of mine posted this CNN link on his Facebook. I responded with ..

“Interesting article _____. I have to share I’m guilty of some of the assumptions. I live my life on FaceBook. I don’t believe it’s for narcissism more as it’s because of my lifestyle of being a flight attendant and having friends globally. It has been a great resource for me to catch up with acquaintances and friends while experience places, people and cultures that I may not have if the person was not aware of being in a specific city/country. I can think of a great example of sharing that I was going to be in Shannon Ireland and having a great friend of mine and his wife being in Ireland at the same time. After a 6 ½ hour working plane ride I hopped on a bus to Tralee which was 2 hours away from Limerick and they picked me up and we drove another hour an a half to Dingle. I would never have had a chance to experience that if it wasn’t for a “social networking” site. I will share this article on another social networking site to receive feedback ;-)"..