Bill C-38 In Ottawa, Canada

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    May 30, 2012 10:02 PM GMT

    "Not only does this bill pose to strip away most of the rights of the Northwest Territories to govern their land, and its people, it poses a threat to the environment. Bill C-38 is a way to introduce segregation, and loss of freedom for those in the Northwest Territories.
    Canadians haven't begun protesting in the streets yet, because many are unaware of Bill C-38. National Post's Matt Gurney called the bill "sneaky" and "undemocratic."
    The first mass non physical protest against Bill C-38 will be on June 4, 13,000 website owners across Canada, including the NDP, PSAC and even "Handmade Tale" Canadian author Margaret Atwood, will be darkening their websites in protest of Bill C-38 as part of the 'Black Out Speak Out' campaign"
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    May 30, 2012 10:07 PM GMT
    Oh and this just in.

    VANCOUVER – This Saturday, Canadians from across the country are gathering at Conservative MP offices, and support locations, to protest the Omnibus Budget Bill, Bill C-38. The Bill, which makes changes to over 70 laws, has drawn criticism from across the political spectrum, including former Conservative cabinet ministers and members of Prime Minister Harper’s own caucus.

    “The “Blackmark Day of Action” is uniting Canadians opposed to a Budget Bill that contains a sweeping agenda to remake Canadian society, an agenda that is being rushed through Parliament without fair and open debate,” said Jamie Biggar, Executive Director of

    “This is far more than a budget bill, these changes would gut our environmental protections, hollow out our economy and make our lives less secure,’ said Biggar.

    Participants believe that if the Bill passes unchanged, it will put a black mark on Canadian democracy. They are looking for 13 “hero” Conservative MPs who will work together to stop the budget, split it apart, and start over by inviting Canadians to help them craft laws that will work better for all of us.

    The actions are inspired by, and seperated from, the BlackoutSpeakout campaign, which is also participating in.