Hey everyone

So last night I had some old friends come over, well they've been friends with me since I was a kid and like our families are close and all that, and they've been away studying for quite some time now and they came back here after like maybe one or two years. So we were talking and well, things just were not like the old days and it made me sad after the visit. It was like we outgrew each other. Back when they were really active in my life, I'd beg for them to come over almost every day and we'd have a blast but after they left for so long things just changed.

Adding to that is the fact they're pretty religious, which I support them for being because they do live the lifestyle as the Bible says and all that but they're against gays and all that so it was hard for me to hear them talk about that to my brother (who's really conservative). It just upset me that old friends can really grow so far apart especially because when they were most active and around me in my life was when I had no one else around, so honestly I kind of owe them a lot for giving me good days when I was becoming a teenager and going through high school.

So yeah, just wanted to vent that out and maybe hear other people's stories who can relate to this.