Shocker. Attention-whore extraordinaire Alan Dershowitz, who has made his living off setting killers like Claus von Bulow free, doesn't think Edwards was guilty. Of course not. Is there any vile, criminal scumbag that Dershowitz doesn't want walking the streets?

John Edwards is the ultimate con man, and in the end he even conned a juror or two into believing he was not guilty. He took hundreds of thousands of dollars and misappropriated it. Bunny Mellon did not give him the money to hide an affair from his wife and the country. That is absurd. She gave it to his campaign.

Edwards is trash. He says God isn't through with him yet. He is no doubt planning some kind of political comeback. And we all know there are enough stupid people in the Carolinas that he just might accomplish it.

Thank you, John Edwards, Alan Dershowitz, and gullible jury members, for letting us know that a politician can do absolutely anything he wants with campaign contributions.

Thank goodness there were at least a few people on the jury with common sense who refused to budge and give this sleazy, lying douche across-the-board not guilty verdicts. Mistrial is at least better than that.

Two Americas indeed.