This is important stuff. Man, I never knew that poppers were so damn dangerous, addressed at about 1:04:00 in this film. I've never touched poppers after my first whiff of the cursed toxic poison---thank heaven. It smelled like paint thinner to me, and I don't want to be breathing that crap.

I saw G. Edward Griffin post this documentary, and man, what an important thing to read, it is indeed a blockbuster. From his newsletter:

House of Numbers.

Here is a documentary that challenges the common view about HIV and AIDS. [Be prepared to learn that (1) HIV testing is bunk, (2) AIDS statistics are manipulated to justify funding for AIDS programs, (3) the most common AIDS drugs are deadly even to healthy people, and (4) HIV has never been seen under the microscope, is entirely theoretical, and may not even exist. This is a blockbuster.]
YouTube Posted 2012 May 3

Interview with G. Edward Griffin on the HIV and AIDS Fraud of Big Pharma

Then an important interview touching the subject more: