Western Washington Episcopal Bishop Supports Pride & Marriage Equality

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    Jun 02, 2012 12:42 AM GMT
    Come join us - and pass this on - it's from Greg Rickle, Episcopal Bishop of Olympia (Western Washington, including Seattle). My church - Trinity - will be there in force. BTW, Bishop Rickle has come out loud and clear in support of marriage equality,. which will be an issue in Washington in the November election.

    Pride Day Parade 2012 Episcopal Presence

    On Sunday, June 24, you and your parish are invited to walk with a diocesan-wide Episcopal group in this year's Pride Day parade. We will walk with a banner up front proclaiming the Episcopal Church's welcoming message. Parishes can have a placard displaying their name or bring their own banners.

    We will celebrate the Eucharist at our gathering spot before we begin the walk. The route runs about a mile downtown along 4th Avenue from Union to the edge of Seattle Center. Please publicize in your parish and register with Deacon Earl Grout via email at deaconeg@gmail.com:
    * If you or a group from your parish plan to go
    * If you would like a placard printed with your parish name
    * If you can't go, but would like updated information for your parish.
    Deacon Earl will send updated information as it becomes available to all who register.

    Be there and be proud of your faith and your truly welcoming church.
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    Jun 02, 2012 1:08 AM GMT
    I started another thread today about positive treatment from an evangelical church that, like this one, had no responses. Apparently these stories about good messages coming from a church people don't really care about nearly as much as all the stories about the crazy, hateful church folk.


    I am an atheist, but I am going to contact this church and the one in my thread to thank them for their support. I contacted some of these hateful churches in the news recently, so contacting these churches doing good is the least I can do.
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    Jun 02, 2012 11:43 PM GMT
    Contact Trinity church, Seattle, too:

    "We have had an annual Matthew Shepard Memorial Sermon for over a decade. These have involved some outstanding guest preachers, both lay and clergy, and we have made strong efforts to advertise these sermons to attract as many non-Trinity people to attend as we can, with emphasis on outreach to non-churched members of the LGBT community in the greater Seattle area.

    "Five years ago, while recognizing that Trinity was already very welcoming to LGBT persons, we entered into a six-month discernment process with discussions and adult education sessions, culminating in proudly designating ourselves an Open and Affirming congregation, and all our stationary – and out internet site – now proudly bear the title Open and Affirming. Many parishioners have said they are at Trinity because of this, and because of the message it sends.

    "This summer, a sizable contingent from Trinity will march in the annual Pride parade, led by our bishop, joined by contingents from other Episcopal churches in the area. This is to show support for our LGBT brothers and sisters, to make a public stand in support of marriage equality, and to counter claims by fundamentalists to represent all Christians. Our vestry voted $500 to buy Trinity-branded handouts to pass out during the march.

    "LGBT people are incorporated in all aspects of out life at Trinity, in leadership, in choir, vestry, ushering, alter guild, administration – and we celebrate LGBT anniversaries along with the wedding anniversaries of all our congregation. We look forward to same-sex marriage becoming legal in Washington, and to celebrating them in and among our church family."