Social Mirrors: Who Are You "Gay" Around?

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    Jun 05, 2012 4:39 AM GMT
    So I thought this might be an interesting topic. Are there individuals, or groups of people you are more "gay" around? Meaning, your behavior and body language more easily comes across as gay, or would more easily set off someones gaydar?

    The reason I ask this is because I have witnessed this in myself. Because of my personality, and personality type, I will morph my behavior, mannerisms, etc. depending on who I am around, and what they are like. The reason I do this is it allows me to get along easier with who ever I am around. I don't really have to think about this, and it is natural for me to do so. Not everyone is going to do this "social mirroring" (as I am going to call it) to a strong extent, as it depends on who you are.

    I have noticed that I would much more easily be guessed to be gay when I am hanging around a group of females, much more so if I am comfortable and or friends with them. I take on more feminine speech patterns, body language, etc. I'm still me of course, and no one who knows me would contest that. Nevertheless, my behavior takes a few steps in one direction. More feminine attributes though certainly are paralled to stereotypical gay identities. Therefore, it's more obvious in those cases. When I am hanging around a group of males however, then I take on much more masculine speech patterns and body language, and would be much harder for people to tell. My own anecdotal evidence for this, is it's far more common for women to question if I am gay, then it is for men. Further, when I come out to someone, men almost universally are surprised. Most women are not. Anyway I digress.

    So, do you socially mirror, and do you come across as more or less "gay" to other individuals depending on who you are around? Do you mirror in totally different ways?

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    Jun 05, 2012 5:26 AM GMT
    I guess you could say I give as much as they can handle. If a person's a dirty bitch, I'll unleash my full pervitude on them. If it's my grandma, I'll be polite and respectful and talk about grammar, food, happenings.