What theme song would u pick for pride week ? what do u think would fit the vibes of GAY PRIDE WEEK... i choose this ... whats urs?

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    Jun 20, 2012 5:19 PM GMT

    i feel this music fits the plans i have for the GAY PRIDE WEEK icon_twisted.gificon_twisted.gificon_twisted.gificon_twisted.gificon_twisted.gif
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    Jun 20, 2012 11:25 PM GMT

    Quite appropriate in my warped mind. Back in 2007 i had the fortune to get to DJ my own night in a bar in SF... i was horrible at it..and my art fag mindset at the time was totally misguided. I thought.. "Oh it would be awesome to do an art night.. give it a name "Humph Mumph Muddumph" and every wenesday i would come up with a theme and play IDM, wierd electronic music.. sneak in Steve Reich remixes at a gay bar and appeal to the art fag crowd didn't work for shit! Horrible idea.

    One of these themes nights was called Saddest music in the world and it was the week before pride.. and i got a friends band to play.. they remained there band "The saddest go go boys in the world". Keeping in theme with the guy madden film, the drink special was endless beer and 2 dollar Jack Shots. I played with my co-dj's nothing but sad sack music and paid naked gogo boys to dance to songs like "I can't live if living is without you".. or "cry" or "with or without you"... you get the idea.

    I wore go go shorts and paraded around with fake meth pipe and needles tracks on my arms like a washed up whore... and danced and mime performed to the PJ Harvey version of this... get it? heh.. not many did... and it FAILED. I had 20 people in that night with no cover. It was punk rock and memorable though... Of course a bar wouldn't let me do something that tragic and high brow FOR PRIDE... so they let me do it before pride... anyhooicon_eek.gif