Potential STI...?

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    Jul 07, 2012 10:34 PM GMT
    Hey there fellas, I've got a concern about whether or not I have an STI. I've tried searching for typical STD's but nothing really came close to my symptoms. icon_redface.gif

    -First few days I noticed pain while simply jerking off. It felt like I was putting too much pressure on a vein, however there were no visual signs of irritation. I assumed it was nothing to worry about. Also, there was some slight "irritation" in regards to itchy-ness. Almost like allergies...

    -After a few days (2-3), the "too much pressure" feeling had went away. However I noticed that there was some redness as well as some puffiness (only in that one spot though). I noticed this because while I was doing my nightly thing, it felt like a small pubic hair was in the way...however when I looked, it was really red and felt rather dry (sunburn-like texture in regards to dryness).

    -After I showered this morning, I checked on it again because that was at its normal state (meaning I didn't irritate it from jerking), and I noticed that it was somewhat pinkish-red, as well as somewhat dry like I previously described.

    Personally, I think it's some sort of rash. I was seeing this one guy for a while, however I only spent the night once because he owned a cat (lol, allergies). We only had oral, and he claims that he was clean. Well, the following morning after I left, I noticed that I had a little bit of cat hair underneath my dick and some slight redness on the frenulum...I simply ignored it. Now that I recall, I also had a sore throat a few days prior but I don't know if they're directly linked to each other.

    Anyway, I would greatly appreciate it if someone could help identify what this issue is because I'm always one to be worrying about the little things...this is obviously a bigger concern so I'm kinda frantic. icon_sad.gif
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    Jul 08, 2012 3:55 AM GMT
    Is going to your family doctor out of the question?
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    Jul 09, 2012 12:53 AM GMT
    Maybe a simple yeast infection? Men get yeast infections perhaps more often than women. Put some monistat on it, and it may go away. If it does it probably was one. It definitely won't hurt anything.

    If you're really concerned from drainage and such go to the doctor.
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    Jul 09, 2012 3:44 AM GMT
    Since this is your first post, you are either a troll or an idiot, or more likely, both. I say, both.