How would recognize Adan and Eva?

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    Aug 07, 2008 4:49 PM GMT
    Imagine Adam and Eve are surrounded by millions people and you need to find them, but they dont look old they look as anybody else looks, what physical pattern would you choose to recognize them right away?
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    Aug 07, 2008 6:14 PM GMT

    The search for Adam and Eve requires that you bring together several other important things, since seeing Adam and Eve is like seeing God (for they were made in his image) and they could reveal the secrets of Immortality by divulging where the Tree of Life grew, it's only natural that the search for them should be fraught with danger and be as next to impossible as is possible and would need a very well thought out plan indeed...

    Lemme see...

    I'd first find the Pink Unicorn who will give me the ride over the rainbow to the Leprechaun's cave where I have to threaten him at gunpoint to hand over his hoard which I will then use to bribe the dragon Fafnir out of the Ring of the Mist People and then avoiding Gollum must travel by Invisible Lolcat Bike to Mordor to barter the ring for a set of maps that show its hidden meanings when superimposed over the United States Declaration of Independence which will then have to be bathed in Manticore blood in order to show the directions to the rabbit hole in which I must follow the Black Rabbit and not the White one for the black rabbit is never late and will arrive at exactly 12 just after Cinderella turns back to the kitchen help and leaves a glass slipper which I must pick up and hold next to my ear to know the precise coordinates of the next UFO landings with which I must observe carefully from behind the protective folds of Harry Potter's Invisibility Cloak, once they leave I must decipher the crop circles they leave by taking aerial photos of it before the Cows arrive and ruin it by adding deliberate misinformation into it (which they have been doing ever since men domesticated them, just as a sort of revenge that men will never ever be able to know the true meaning of crop circles), and after the photos are taken I must fly over to Peru and take another set of aerial photos of the Nazca lines and superimpose the two which will lead me to the temple of Sheba where she buried herself with the only existing working philosopher's stone which I need to create a batch of green Kryptonite so I may acquire the superhuman ability of X-Ray vision which I will then use to X-ray every single human male I come in contact with via my newly acquired power of Clairvoyance which only comes to you if you touch your past reincarnation which can be achieved by pulling the tail of the World Turtle that holds the World Egg and finally when I see the Man with a missing rib...

    I've found Adam...

    ...and the transsexual with him is his twin cloned brother... Eve.
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    Aug 07, 2008 8:40 PM GMT
    How could you not recognize them?! they've been multibillionnaires since the beginning of time! after their success selling their autobiographies, collaborating with Jesus and his entourage, they moved to Europe to spend some time with their great great great great great etc. grandchildren. Eve took a part time job as an editor for "provocateur" magazine, now sadly out of print. Adam has been doing world tours dispensing seminars on eternal youth and secrets of everlasting love and marriage. Rumour has it he was the ghostwriter for that book 'the secret', the one Oprah endorsed in her book club. He denied having an affair with Lilith (the girl before Eve), and denied any knowledge regarding stories of incest between them and their first children. Adam and Eve have been active participants in almost every organization we know concerning the environment and world peace; they're both livid at the fact that nobody even voted for the green party in last year's elections. Recently, they were both spotted in santa barbara, checking out the real state. oh, and by the way, they dont look a day over 27! they were also seen at the SB beaches-she dyed her hair blond, and wearing a vintage Tom Ford for gucci two-piece. Adam had a crewcut and wore formfitting black armani swimtrunks, and filled them up very, very well! he would make david becham look ugly. icon_wink.gif
  • Hagan_F

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    Aug 07, 2008 9:22 PM GMT
    They are without belly buttons having not been born.
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    Aug 07, 2008 9:29 PM GMT
    Hagan_F saidThey are without belly buttons having not been born.

    I thought no one would never guess, and yess, thats the right answer.