Best type of eggs?

  • sfboy987

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    Aug 07, 2008 5:36 PM GMT
    What's the best type of eggs to eat? Scrambled, overeasy, boiled? Is scrambled the worst or not? Also, how many eggs is too much? Is it ok to eat once, twice, or more during the week?
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    Aug 07, 2008 7:10 PM GMT
    There is no "best" type, it's all a matter of taste and preference really.

    As for how many? I have one per day, which most say is good for you and not enough to cause any ill health effects at the same time. But if you're having like 3-4 a day every day, you might start to see issues after a while.

    Best thing...make sure you're healthy, get your cholesterol checked, and talk to your Dr. if you're really unsure.
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    Aug 07, 2008 8:25 PM GMT
    I love eggs.

    However, in a completely thread-hijacking way...

    Chicken. One or 2 holes? Where do the eggs come out of?
  • MSUBioNerd

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    Aug 07, 2008 8:39 PM GMT
    In general, cholesterol in eggs has little to no effect on your blood cholesterol levels. There have been some studies that have indicated eggs where the yolk gets oxidized are not as good for you as ones where they don't, but that's not entirely settled. Eating eggs multiple times a week is very unlikely to be a problem for you, but as always, when you're worried about something, check with your doctor.

    As to the potential hijack, chickens are birds, and thus the females have one orifice in their lower anatomy: the cloaca. This serves for the outlet of urination, defecation, and egg laying. This is why you should wash eggs before either cooking them or cracking them open.
  • TexanMan82

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    Aug 09, 2008 9:16 PM GMT
    I eat at least 4 eggs a day---yes, the yolk too *gasp*

    Just eat them the way you prefer. They're good for you, eat them.