If you are allergic to gluten

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    Jul 30, 2012 5:18 AM GMT
    Any one here on gluten free diet? What does it do for you? Can you guys talk about your experiences? I am thinking about going on it because I find that some of those food slows me down and makes me tired.

  • dancedancekj

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    Jul 30, 2012 12:16 PM GMT
    In the summer of 2010, I started having random travelling rashes that I would itch until I would bleed. I then started getting oozing pustules and eczema on my face. This was freaking me out. The final straw was when my face started puffing up until I was generally unrecognizable. I realized that I was having an allergic reaction to something.
    A visit to the doctor was useless - they diagnosed me with an impetigo and gave me an antibiotic cream. I tried seeing if it was a shampoo, lotion, or soap, but it persisted.
    Finally I had the idea to try an elimination diet. Basically ate rice, veggies, water. Symptoms disappeared. I started adding foods back in - beef, chicken, pork, seafood, fruits, nuts, dairy.
    When I added wheat back in - bam! Symptoms came back. I tested three more times, and wheat turned out to be the culprit. I went wheat-free and never looked back.
    Since June of this year, I've migrated to a Primal Blueprint diet that eliminates pretty much all cereal grains, and am feeling even better. Energy levels are more steady, clearer skin, no constant raging hunger, no after lunch insulin coma, and best of all I'm finally losing the abdominal fat I have been trying to lose for the past eight years or so.
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    Jul 30, 2012 12:49 PM GMT
    That's insane! All from gluten?!

    I'm glad that you found out what was bothering you dancedance

    Clearer skin and less fat....hmmm...icon_twisted.gificon_twisted.gificon_twisted.gif
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    Jul 30, 2012 2:31 PM GMT
    This book goes into detail about the problems with wheat and other grains for everyone, not just those who have more significant allergies.

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    Jul 30, 2012 2:35 PM GMT
    i've been gluten free for a couple years now. once you get through the first thirty days or so it gets pretty easy. your body resets and so do your routines. for people just starting to make the change, i usually recommend this website: http://whole9life.com/. It's got tons of goof information, support groups and even cookbooks. You could also read: http://www.amazon.com/The-Paleo-Diet-Athletes-Nutritional/dp/1594860890/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1343658095&sr=8-1&keywords=paleo+for+athletes