So he, Michael Schuman is a certified hypnotist. Apparently there is a four session reccommendation. Thats my couch, not his office, because I don't have a vehicle to go all the way to him. The camera stopped recording about half way through the session but i stayed awake the whole time and couldn't help but laugh when I was coming out of hypnosis because my hand did my cue gesture automatically. Then I started laughing randomly when I was telling my roommate about my session until he said that the hynotist fucked with my mind. He asked if I had any fears before we started and I said asked if you can be hypnotized while you're unconscious and if I would still be able to avenge a victim if I joined the police force or some other criminal justice career and he said I can avenge a victim within the letter of the law. Not sure if that really answered my question but controlling my anger is a lot better than going to jail so I just went with it.