How do I upload a photo?

  • Richbehr

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    Aug 07, 2012 11:28 PM GMT
    How do I upload a photo into a message like this?
    Do I need to be a verified member to do it?
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    Aug 07, 2012 11:38 PM GMT
    I believe the photo has to be posted somewhere on the interwebs already. You copy the URL of the photo; create the message; click the gold "img" button above the message and paste that URL between the two bracketed texts that appear in the message.

    I hope that makes sense.
  • Bunjamon

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    Aug 08, 2012 12:28 AM GMT
    Say I found this picture and I want to post it:


    You go on the site that you found it, right click on the image (or Ctrl+click on a mac), copy the image URL to clipboard, which looks like this:

    You paste that URL into the message window, highlight it, and then click the img box. The tags [ img] [/img ] will surround the link (w/o the spaces, though) and automatically get converted to the HTML tags you need to link the photo. When you click "submit," the image will be linked to the post.

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