Is it the norm that you can’t use a pre-paid debit card on a porn site?

  • Sep 05, 2012 8:04 PM GMT
    I was trying to help a friend the other day, because he wanted to get a one month trial membership (at a reduced rate) on a gay porn website. Since some online porn companies seem to try to get your credit card number so they can trick you (by not letting you easily cancel your membership before the deadline) and so that they can charge you for another full month at regular price (via the option that you selected for payment to start the membership, i.e. credit card, debit card, electronic check), and I guess hoping that you will not contest the extra month charge on your statement . . . I guess figuring you don’t want to deal with the possible shame of going to your bank and tell them you are disputing with a charge on your bill with an online gay porn company.

    So since I know that there are a lot of websites that don’t want to play fair when it comes to only signing-up for a one month or limited membership AND letting you easily cancel the membership without any hassles and further billing, I told my friend to get a pre-paid debit card and get his one month trial membership at the reduced rate. Then at that point, that company could not try to trick and bill him for another month membership at the regular cost.

    Well all was fine and dandy until my friend entered the pre-paid debit card number AND that website would not take the card, they said that they would only take a credit card, debit card, electronic check, BUT would not accept gift cards (as I guess they view a pre-paid debit card as a gift card). icon_twisted.gif Now with that being said, it could be that this is a rare case and the website that my friend was using could be one of a few that does not accept pre-paid debit cards and gift cards.

    I was just wondering have others had this same problem when trying to use a pre-paid debit card for online purchases on a porn site? I personally, have never had any trouble using a pre-paid debit card for my purchases on a non heard of ma-and-pa non-porn website, but what happened with my friend, that was the first time I had ever heard this.

    What has been your experience of using a pre-paid debit card on porn websites?

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    Sep 05, 2012 8:05 PM GMT
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    Sep 05, 2012 10:51 PM GMT
    All porn is free if you know how to look.

  • Sep 05, 2012 11:13 PM GMT
    Ariodante saidAll porn is free if you know how to look.

    Ariodante, thank you for your reply. The porn site that my friend was using is a hook-up / porn site that caters to mature men and their admirers. So he wanted a trial membership, just to see if he would have any luck. Thus he has to have a paid membership in order to reply to the ad/profiles on that website. Though there are thousands of gay porn sites that cater to young men, however there are only a handful that cater to mature men. icon_sad.gif

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    Sep 05, 2012 11:25 PM GMT
    I have this friend who wants to access a porn / hook up site, because I want to, I mean he wants to meet some quick, easy hook ups. I am, uh I mean he is really horny. Why won't it take my, I mean his pre-paid debit card?icon_lol.gif
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    Sep 05, 2012 11:44 PM GMT
    They hate them because the want you to sign up for an recurring charge. With a prepaid you would sign up and then the joke would be on them when they tried to stealthily charge you for the next month.