Peace Corps. Fitness Requirements


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    Aug 20, 2007 2:38 PM GMT
    Has anyone here ever joined the peace corp? Does anyone know if they have fitness requirments to join or to go certian places.

    I'll be graduating with a degree in Chemical Engineering and Environemental Ethics in about a year. I am sort of interested in going out to work on water treatment and water saftey programs in thrid world countries.
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    Aug 20, 2007 6:34 PM GMT
    I am a returned Peace Corps volunteer from Paraguay. Fitness is not a primary requirement for becoming a volunteer, but they do, however, make you take a self-assessment test once you have passed the preliminary screenings and interview.

    The self-assessment asks basic questions about your health. As long as you are essentially healthy and do not have any serious chronic illnesses, you should be fine. And my advice to you if you do follow through with the application process is to not mention and minor issues that concern your health like past minor surgeries or minor treatments, because they will make your doctor fill out needless forms stating you are ok.

    Peace Corps has an anti-discrimination policy and will not reject you because of a disability or health condition. One volunteer I was with used a wheel-chair. I don't know what their policy is about HIV. I had to take a test prior to joining.

    If you have any other questions, feel free to ask. I was a health and sanitation volunteer down there. It was great and I loved it. Environmental education and sanitation sounds right up your alley! Suerte!
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    Aug 20, 2007 8:02 PM GMT
    I am leaving for the Peace Corps in May. The application process and the medical screening both just seemed to look for any existing health conditions you may have, but did not stress that you had to be ridiculously in shape. That being said, I am trying to get as fit as possible before I leave simply because I figure that the jobs you do can be tough, so you should be prepared physically as well as mentally to do anything.