Great workout music.

  • adventurejock

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    Sep 05, 2008 4:07 AM GMT
    So what are some links to great workout music that you recommend? This set by DJ Big Kid had me rockin' out this week.
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    Sep 06, 2008 1:33 AM GMT

    Uhoh, the political storm here on RJ strikes again. I don't have links, but I find that my interest in workout music declines steadily from an apex of pop, moving along to techno/elctronica, steadying out at oldies, and hitting bottom at Heavy Metal/Death Metal. I've recently removed all of the Death Metal off of my I-Pod. It's a wonder how much better I feel with out that rancor blaring into my ears while my heart rate is up. For a nice feel good workout it's POP all the way. Right now, I am STUCK on this workout beat by Heidi Montag.


    Ofcourse, ANY mega mix by Madonna, Britney Spears or Christina is highly recommended. Lindsey Lohan can belt out worthy workout anthems too. Rumors makes me hit it hard everytime. LOL, if you don't like pop, I guess my recommendations won't help, but who doesn't like pop?