(HUMOR) Santorum Claims Homosexuals Stole Election

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    Nov 09, 2012 5:16 PM GMT
    Santorum Claims Homosexuals Stole Election

    Sorry, I forgot that this was a joke web site.

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    Nov 09, 2012 5:24 PM GMT
    Is this where we're supposed to hear that recording again: "You're DAMN RIGHT!"

    Even though it's a joke, still sounds like something the slithering piece of slime-filth stuffed poop is thinking.
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    Nov 09, 2012 5:25 PM GMT

    ""I see the hand of the homosexual in this massive election fraud," Santorum explained, "Romney was tied or leading in most polls before the election. And then he loses?... Homosexual dirty tricks. It's is the only explanation that makes sense."
    Rocket Men
    Santorum said he wasn't sure how gay activists managed to steal a national election, but he's confident they are capable of such a feat:
    "Homosexuals aren't like you and me. They don't have respect for democracy. Your average homosexual has no moral compass whatsoever. If anyone is capable of this fraud, its them."
    "And homosexual kingpins like David Geffen, Elton John, and Tim Gill have all the money in the world to turn their dirty, filthy election schemes into reality. Geffen's a billionaire, he could afford to put a man on the moon. Surely he could afford to pull off something like this."
    "It could have been a virus in the election machines. Gill knows a lot about computers. Or maybe they were just stuffing multiple big, long ballots deep inside each other's ballot-boxes Who knows? But I know gays had the motive and means to steal this one for Obama."


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    Nov 09, 2012 5:36 PM GMT
    Another moron who has missed the last exit to relevance...