Anyone have experience in returning to Martial Arts after a shoulder injury/any injury?

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    Nov 12, 2012 12:25 AM GMT
    TL;DR, 5 months ago i hurt my shoulder overstretching, and jsut got the go-ahead from my physiotherapist about 2-3 weeks ago that i can return to the gym, etc. Ive been easing back into it, with cardio, lots of stretching, sauna time and light routines gradually(very gradually) getting heavier. But does anyone have experience in recommending how to transition back into Martial Arts itself in t his scenario? Thankicon_smile.gif
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    Nov 12, 2012 3:39 AM GMT
    no americanas! depends on what u do?
    i think common sense prevails, you know how your body is coping better than anyone else. theres a difference between a niggle, mild discomfort and pain - so don't push yourself too much when getting back into it
    your physio should have given you exercises right ? i generally begin and finish with some shoulder joint/rotation exercises
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    Sep 24, 2013 4:24 PM GMT
    I think you are still in your trauma transsision. The best think you do first is just take some meditation practice because what you need to start practice again is an inner peace. A basic tai chi techniques are the best way to gain your flexibility back. No matter what kind of martial art you learned, the point of it is the control your chi energy.
    You got accident like that because you lost your focus and peace. martial art is not only the art of showing off the style but for me personally, i learned it to get a peace and to yah at the second place to hit a stright man with 16 combos punch!!! icon_biggrin.gif