Is it weird I don't actually like anal sex?

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    Dec 01, 2012 6:30 PM GMT
    I mean I'm a bottom for the most part since that's why feels natural to me but I rarely feel genuine pleasure from it. I usually try to take pleasure from the pain. I read that if the prostate is stimulated it could result in a full body orgasm. It annoys me for the most part. I never really felt true pleasure from it without cringing throughout most of it.

    What is weird though is that topping doesn't really click with me. I mean when I'm mastrubating on my own I feel the desire for some man inside of men but when the pedal is actually in the medal all I can do is lie back and think of England, lol.

    Is there anything I could do for this? Or am I just doing the wrong kind of sex?

    Also guys fingering me normally feels good. But a penis is like eh. I dildo on my own and its alright but going in normally hurts so bad. Once it breaches its alright but I can't take it for too long because it hurts. I tried using my eleven inch and the first time I did it I felt light headed as it went it and I had to stop.
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    Dec 01, 2012 9:08 PM GMT
    Well, I guess that makes me weird too? I've met guys who aren't all that into anal as well.

    I actually don't hate it, sometimes I like it but I've had a negative experience regarding this type of practice. However, like you I've never felt actual pleasure.. my own pleasure plays out in my head when I know I'm pleasing the other guy. It's more of a mental thing to me, I've never had an anal orgasm as they call it.
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    Dec 02, 2012 5:57 AM GMT
    there are tons of the threads on this site about liking or not liking anal sex, how to go about it, and learning to like it, and who likes it and who does not like it.