Worst New Year's Eve in NYC

  • bobbyddadd

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    Jan 02, 2013 5:06 PM GMT
    My first New Year's Eve in NYC suppose to be awesome. But it turned out not.

    I didn't get a kiss when counting down and my friend ditched me in the club. He took a guy home to have sex and he also took our backpack with him. Left me in the club with only my jean and my T-shirt and without my key to get home.
    So I had to walk/run on the street to the station and took one hour subway to his apt to get my coat and my key.
    I bet all those people saw me walking/running on the street would think I was crazy or doing some stupid New Year resolution.
    Luckily, I didn't go to a underwear party or I would be so dead.

    I really hope my friend had an awesome sex with that guy to let him ditching me in that club and suffering in that crazing cold winter.
  • MikeW

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    Jan 02, 2013 6:43 PM GMT
    well, that totally sucks but your 'friend' is not a friend. ditch him.
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    Jan 02, 2013 7:07 PM GMT
    You need to ditch your 'friend'... for good.
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    Jan 02, 2013 7:11 PM GMT
    NYC on New Year's is supposed to always be wicked awesome? I must've missed that memo.
  • Import

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    Jan 02, 2013 8:38 PM GMT
    LOL @ your ridic expectations.

    so cute u thought that.

    Lesson learned, home slice. Keep it movin.
  • bobbyddadd

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    Jan 02, 2013 9:13 PM GMT
    I suppose to be very angry at him. But he was and is doing these non-stop apologizing texts. So I can forgive him this time. But he should find me one to go home with that night. Kinda ruin my New Year's Eve.

    I kinda wonder is this happened to anyone else? I mean, being ditched by your friend for a sex, not the walking/running outside in the freaking cold winter