Drunk Yammerings - Is there Truth Behind it?

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    Jan 04, 2013 6:03 PM GMT
    There's one thing I've wondered when it comes to drinking and having discussions about things, and that has to do with censors and emotional blockades.

    I know I say or admit to things when I've been drinking because it lets my guard down and I don't feel any regret at the time for saying it. After the buzz/drunkenness has wore off, however... yeah.

    The reason why I ask is because a friend of mine has said things/done things towards me on numerous occasions that has me wondering if everything is what it's cracked up to be. To make a long story short, he ended up falling in love with me, or so he blurted out in a faux pas one night when he was visiting his sisters. Several months later he sorta took it back by citing certain issues, brain not being in the right place, mental stress at the time, etc.

    Fast forward to now, or rather the past several months that I've been living in a new town and considerably closer to him and he's highly flirtatious, pokes me, tickles me, chases me, etc. I was doing laundry one day and was in the process of folding my underwear and he was "two sheets" to the wind (mild for him as he was still capable of operating a vehicle) and he says (or rather mumbles) "You should model those for me one day". I was like 0_o "Wait, what'd you say?" I heard it but I didn't. He just yelled from the other side of the house, "What? Nothing!" Plus there's a... weird tension like he's restraining himself whenever we're talking and what not.

    Point being, he's my best friend first and foremost, he's already made it clear we'd never be a couple and I know he doesn't wanna fuck me or anything like that because I'm pretty much the second most important person in his life after his ex (who he still has extremely close ties with), so I'm confused.

    Is alcohol just like a truth serum or do drunk people just say stuff they don't mean (aka what people say without thinking) or is it really just a deeply rooted feeling inside that is suppressed in "normal everyday" life.

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    Jan 04, 2013 6:33 PM GMT
    Why would he want you to model underwear for him if he wasn't interested in seeing you out of them? Me thinks he wants to get naked with you.
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    Jan 04, 2013 7:15 PM GMT
    Truth behind it?

    Yes because of drunken confessions & liquid courage

    No because of beer goggles making you falsely more attracted to someone

    Verdict: fuck me if I know. why can't guys just say what they want to say?
  • HottJoe

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    Jan 04, 2013 7:18 PM GMT
    He sounds awkward about his feelings.... Try modeling the ones you're wearing in your adult pic. They look great on your cock.icon_twisted.gif
  • Kriss

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    Jan 04, 2013 7:54 PM GMT
    behind every drunken rambling lies some small uncomfortable truth. He sounds like he's developing feelings for you on the romantic side. He's probably either trying to crush them down and push them back and subcounciously being in your presence alot does not help.

    Your going to have to reiterate and think what you want and what he wants. Remain close friends or something more? Best to talk it out and understand the boundaries, it's probably going to be uncomfortable if downright wierd but confronting feelings and putting them out in the open is a much better thing than having it bottled up.
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    Jan 04, 2013 7:54 PM GMT
    I'm more curious about why he's holding back

    That would provide a better insight into his feelings and the truth.

    There is also a big difference between emotional attraction and sexual attraction and its really rare to have the two come together in one person or at least it is in my opinion.