Weird experience. Getting over a crush.

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    Jan 14, 2013 1:57 AM GMT
    A long time ago in collage, I posted an ad on AdultFriendFinder as a crossdresser. I had pictures of myself with eye liners and I guess that I looked feminine being that I am slim and Asian. Then this really hot guy asked to meet up. He claimed to be bisexual and worked as an engineer. I looked at his profile and he was soo freakin hot. He had a huge tool too. He told me that I was so beautiful and made his heart beat fast. He asked me if I like being held by strong men and that he would be good to me. So I caved in and said yes. But since I didn’t bring my make up to collage, I told him I wouldn’t dress up and he was fine with that. In the back of my mind, I was actually thinking of boyfriend material. He’s hot, (seemed)smart, athletic, handsome with a huge tool.

    So fast forward, he called me earlier than expected that day and asked me if I was ready. I told him that we would meet at the specified time. Then a few minutes latter, I got an unknown caller (presumably him). The caller did not respond when I said hello. I could heard quiet breathing on the phone though. Creepy.

    When we met, he was beyond my expectation although he smelled a bit like weed or smoke. He was literally the hottest guy I have ever seen (aside from one stranger I saw in my life who would be on par).even compared to the hottest guys I've seen on realjock Sorry guysicon_redface.gif He was tall, athletic and well built but not too bulky, long legs, short wavy brunette hair with blue eyes. He claims to be 39 yrs but he looks 27ish. I would rate him 11/10 rating.

    So I introduced him to my dorm and he asked me what I was studying etc. He then asked if the bathrooms were private. A little creepy I thought. I did forget to close the blinds on the window so I told him I would close it. Right at that moment, he said that he got stage freight and he had to go and he was sorry. I was so upset.

    So my questions are:
    1) Could it be that he is only interested in Asian females and not Asian guys? I should have dressed up dammit. Maybe he’s “straight”

    2) My friends told me to consider myself lucky as there were many hints that something was off. They felt that he could have been one of those serial killers. Do you think they have a valid concern or did they over analyzed?

    3) Honestly, the reason I’m posting is because I have a hard time getting over him and I just want some help. Normally, I have a hard time getting off even if a guy is hot but this guy is just wow. I came so hard so fast just looking at him. Part of me wishes that I can still remember his face so that I can get off whenever I want. How can I get over this crush?

    4) So what do you guys think went wrong based on my description or your experience. I feel like I might be blind to the facts since I’m in lust and maybe you guys can see clearer. What can I do to keep a relation if I EVER meet such an attractive man in my life again.

    5) Thank you for hearing me out.
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    Jan 14, 2013 3:42 AM GMT
    Oh man, where to begin with this one! Okay, here it goes....

    Response to question 1. There is a possibility that he likes men but only men who are effeminate and dress up like women. This fetish is more common than some guys think. During my slut phase, I actually met a guy similar to the guy you described. Good looking italian guy, masculine, dark features, big dick, blah blah blah! After I gave him a bj, he asked me if I liked to "dress up". I discovered that he loved Asian guy who dressed up like women. I told him he needed to go because I couldn't fulfill his fetish. As hot as this guy was, I'm glad we ended it because it was pointless to be with him.

    Response to question 2. Based on your story, I'm willing to bet the reason why this guy freaked out is because he was in a dorm room. Think about it, he's almost 20 years older than you and there he was hanging around a college residence looking for tail. Also, if this guy smelled like weed, then he probably was on it or something else. He probably needed it to relax and the chemicals ran out on him; hence, the reason for his stage fright!

    Overall, I don't think you have a crush on this guy but rather, you wanted his dick and didn't get any, not even a feel! In my opinion, you can only have a true crush on someone you know. You are infatuated with this guy, not a crush! So if you really enjoy dressing in women's clothing and want to find sex, I say continue to post your ad. If you managed to get a hot guy to answer it once, then there's a likelihood you can do it again.
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    Jan 14, 2013 3:44 AM GMT
    Crushes are horrible. It takes me HOURS to get over one. Especially orange ones!

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    Jan 14, 2013 3:45 AM GMT
    paulflexes saidCrushes are horrible. It takes me HOURS to get over one. Especially orange ones!


    You know what rock!!! icon_cool.gif