Love the Olympics and sports? Wish there was something out there LIVE for gay sports? There is now!!

  • Jan 23, 2013 11:15 PM GMT
    Hey guys..I want to share with you something that is historic for gay and lesbian sports fans and athletes. The CCE Sports Network is launching a website to showcase live web streaming of gay and lesbian sporting events from across the country.

    They have started a 2013 fundraising campaign to ask 600 athletes/fans/supporters to donate just $10 bucks to reach their goal of broadcasting 1 tournament live every month in 2013. Tennis, flag football and volleyball is on the agenda for 2013. Basketball, swimming and hockey will be added in 2014.

    Check out this link and tell me what you think. I hope we can count on everyone's support - its something that has never been done in the gay and lesbian community for gay athletes and its exciting to see.


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    Jan 23, 2013 11:29 PM GMT
    Segregated sports? Fuck that!

    I'd rather see gays compete in sports as themselves, without feeling the need to start their own segregated teams.
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    Jan 24, 2013 1:14 AM GMT
    paulflexes saidSegregated sports? Fuck that!

    I'd rather see gays compete in sports as themselves, without feeling the need to start their own segregated teams.

    Yes, so would we all. I'm sure there are closeted gay athletes we see all the time and the fact it isn't 'safe' for them to be out and maintain their careers is the problem.

    But, until then, $10 doesn't seem like a lot.

  • Jan 24, 2013 3:56 AM GMT
    It's not about segregated sports or the need for LGBT athletes to remove themselves from the sports world in general. It is about recognizing that homophobia in the sports world is real and alive and persistent. It is about recognizing that there is no out player in any of the major professional sports organizations. It is about breaking down those stereotypes, changing those mis-perceptions and giving athletes a platform to showcase their skill in the mainstream.

    I will give two examples. The Olympics last year had over 3,500 hours of live web coverage in addition to over 100 hours of prime time coverage. The LGBT press notes that there were 21 gay athletes and 2 gay coaches - yet we don't (and didn't) hear their stories or see their triumphs. They are athletes first, gay second - I understand that - but our community (and the straight community) benefits when we see these professionals excelling at their chosen sport - when they say loud and clear - I am an athlete, I am a good athlete and oh by the way, I just happen to be gay. That in itself can be empowering.

    2nd Example. Did you know there is a Gay and Lesbian Tennis Association in this country that has over 10,000 active players who compete in 65 tournaments across this country and 5 continents? These players (from former USTA standouts & college NCAA winners to first time beginners) compete and travel the country to be in organized competition. They may all be gay but they get together for the love of the sport, the training, the learning, the competition. Doesn't that deserve a platform for others to see - whether it is the gay youth who is scared to come out or the professional pro player playing football or basketball who refuses to come out because of fear?

    Visibility in the public has allow LGBT people to have more acceptance. Visibility in sports can achieve the same thing. That is the purpose of this project. I played basketball and tennis in high school and college - I was in the closet, deep in the closet - and stayed there for years. Now that I am older and look back on my life - I am confident in saying that if I had known that people like me played sports, had fun, competed and happen to be gay - it would have gone a long way in helping me come out of the closet.

    That is the purpose of this sports project. I would hope the gay sports community would support such a cause? Am I wrong here?

    Executive Producer
    CCE Sports Network "Where Diversity Lives"

  • Feb 01, 2013 2:58 PM GMT
    Did you see or read about the anti-gay comments said by San Francisco 49 payer Chris Culliver (no gays on SF Team..don't want them in our locker room) and did you see how two SF 49er players (Brooks and Sopoanga) - first denied ever doing a "it's gets better video" and then having shown them the video - denied knowing it was an anti-bullying campaign for LGBT youth?

    It is sad to see that homophobia is still alive in pro sports - we just don't have any visibility here - when Martina Navratilova came out - it was great to see a pro tennis player winning big, getting lots of exposure for her great athletic skill. The focus was on her skill as a player, not her sexual orientation.

    That is what the CCE Sports Network project is all about. Showcasing skill and talent is the goal - telling the back story is great - but if you can play, than you can play - and we want to show that LIVE every month from all across the country. - is the fundraising website. - is our website to see what it is all about. We are building from the ground up - Your feedback both good and bad is welcomed!!


  • Apr 22, 2013 4:02 PM GMT
    Announcing our 9th LIVE web broadcast since the start of the CCE Sports Network. We head to Ft. Lauderdale for the Spring Fling Doubles Tennis Tournament hosted by the South Florida Tennis Club. If you are a tennis fan and enjoy great doubles play - come check out the live broadcast May 4 & 5. Coverage starts 9:30am EST until 5pm EST both days.

    On April 6, we were in New York City for the 17th Annual New York Indoor Soccer Classic and last month we were in Orlando for the 8th Annual Orange Blossom Tennis Championship.

    Giving all LGBT athletes a platform to showcase their skill, talent and athleticism - the CCE Sports Network goal is to travel the country showcasing any of the more than 1,000 tournaments, matches and games that make up the LGBT sports experience.

    Check it out at:

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    Apr 26, 2013 5:47 AM GMT
    paulflexes saidSegregated sports? Fuck that!

    I'd rather see gays compete in sports as themselves, without feeling the need to start their own segregated teams.


    And it's not like a closeted NFL-material will decide to turn down his future millions to join some fake league just because they're "accepting" there.

  • May 20, 2013 1:38 AM GMT just don't get it. But I understand. I will remind you that Martina Navratilova still made her millions after she came out in 1981 - in an era that was not very accepting of gay people in general.

    Today, the LGBT community mainstream acceptance is growing and sports (one of the last places where LGBT athletes still face homophobia) will finally get its due. Jason Collins came out - and while it may be at the tail end of his career - he was (and still is) a professional 10+ year NBA athlete who happens to be gay. No one will every be able to take away the fact that he became a professional NBA player with a successful NBA career.

    Competitive play whether it is in the professional level, recreational level or organized play level - is not fake, is not a fad and its not going away anytime soon. All of us can't be professionals but a lot of us do want to play competitively - and for that sports leagues are available everywhere. It's nice to know that organized, competitive sports exist in the gay and lesbian community and we will do our best to showcase it.

    The gay and lesbian sports community is huge..100,000+ athletes. Organizations like GayGames and World OutGames exist for a reason. Organizations like NAGVA, NGFFL, GLTA, IGLA, etc.. all exist for the community. Instead of hating and calling them fake - how supporting them as athletes - who are doing what they love - playing sports and showing pride in our community...

    I think your mis-perception about LGBT athletes would change if you actually watched and attended one of these tournaments that happen every month all over the country.

    We celebrate our 1 year anniversary this month and have 9 live broadcasts under our belt for both tennis and soccer. Later this year, we will add volleyball and hopefully swimming & flag football.

    This is the decade where the LGBT athlete will be recognized for their skill, talent and athleticism and I am proud to do my small part for our community.