Freedom To Hang Without Harrassment

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    Aug 29, 2007 6:39 PM GMT
    I'm learning that we may still be in the Victorian Age when it comes to regulations about the way males may appear naked in places like health clubs, beaches and campgrounds where nudity is permitted. Within my circle of friends and experiences, I found out there are real scenarios that aren't yet supported by management at some of these establishments. For example, it seems that some men's genitalia appear differently naturally depending on whether the body is cold and/or the mind is anxious or preoccupied with pressing thoughts as opposed to the body being warm and relaxed/the mind is not preoccupied with pressing thoughts. Some guys happen to have hair-trigger apparati that spring to attention in seconds or minutes from a warm shower, steam or whirlpool bath, without touching himself. Some guys may not be in a relationship and may be busy day and night with work and classes, watching TV, walking the dog, etc., and not have time to masturbate even once per week. Then one day when he finally gets a few minutes to go to a gym locker and get naked, the apparatus spring up instantly just from the act of being able to unwind by removing his clothing for a few minutes. Or he just awoke from a nap. Or the guy showering across the room is just too hot to control oneself. So - given scenarios like these, in a gym or school locker room or at a campground where nudity is permitted, is there ever a time when it is appropriate for a fellow patron to make a remark about another patron's hanging position either confrontationally to that person or to management? I have discovered that some establishments do think so. Now the question is, does that establishment have the right to remove a person from this facility on that basis? Does a male have any legal ground to stand on in his defense? Doesn't genitalia fall under the category of a body part, like a fat ass, excessively hairy back, tattoos or long hair? And if the shape of the genitalia is their concern, with something so incremental as an erection, who decides when that actually occurs? I am beginning to research these questions with the help of reps from the Human Rights Act. It could be that if these establishments are in business to the general public, in the same way Denny's Restaurants got in trouble for refusing to serve black patrons, they could be subject to regulations that protect one's gender - in this case, being male. Or if popping wood under these scenarios is statistically in the minority, then it could be blamed on a medical condition, or it could be blamed on just being youthful. I have consulted with biology books that confirm that erections can happen because of this reason or because of that reason, or even if the reason is "just because" (no reason). I believe some medical conditions are protected under the Human Rights Act.

    The establishment can simply say, if it happens, wear a towel. And some places do have signs requiring wearing of suits or towels in certain areas of their locker rooms including steam rooms, whirlpools, wall-mounted air blowers and TV lounges. Ok, but what if a guy wants to shower, or change clothes? The towel has to come off and he might be seen. (Gasp). I maintain that males need to be protected against management that support patrons' claims of being offended. The patrons have a right to be offended and a right to complain - but I feel the management needs to tell them to mind their own business and look the other way, until it comes down to a hygienic issue, like urinating, spitting or ejaculating on the locker room floor. I have been grossed out by guys who blow their snot into the sinks, but haven't felt like complaining to management about it. Does any of this make sense? Does anybody agree with me?

    Hanging Up, Out or Down Shouldn't Matter
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    Aug 29, 2007 8:25 PM GMT
    Whatever way you hang shouldn't be a matter of the locker room of the gym/pool I go to, guys hang in all kinds of ways. I smile (to myself) when some straight guys wander around preening themselves, rubbing it with their towels and showing it, but for whom is all this pomp and ceremony. I like it that guys can walk around naked any which way, witout anyone passing comment or concern.