Boston or San Diego?

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    Oct 07, 2008 12:16 AM GMT
    So I grew up in Boston until I was 13/14, then my parents moved us to Virginia. I had been here ever since, except for the past year, where I went back north to Boston for work. Though I was busy a whole hell of a lot because of work, I did manage to find some time to go out and have fun, and meet some really great gay guys in Boston. Wouldn't have traded my time there for anything.
    I had to come back to Virginia to hang with my best friend, who has terminal cancer. I'm not sure what sort of time she has left, and right now, she is spending a lot of time with her family, so I don't get to see her often, and in my down time, it has me wondering... When all is said and done, what's next? I know that's a horrible way to look at it, but the mind wanders when it's bored...
    I've thought about going back to Boston, but I know a lot of people who have been to San Diego, or who have actually moved to San Diego (my ex included...not that I would ever move there just for him or with any hopes of restarting that). But all I hear are good things about the west coast and how great SD is. Even my other, straight best friend loves it there, and I don't think he'll ever leave.
    So my question is, who here has been to, and around, the gay scenes in both Boston and San Diego, or who has lived in both places, and likes one or the other in general? What do you think is the better choice?
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    Oct 07, 2008 12:18 AM GMT
    Or if you've never been to both, or live in one or the other, let's hear some pros and cons!
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    Oct 07, 2008 8:05 AM GMT
    I have never been to Boston, but believe you can probably find good reason for wither place. I have been visiting here since 2001 and finally moved here in 2005. One thing I will say for San Diego, it has really awesome weather .. you might actually miss the bad weather!

    Other than that, it is a short trip to different climates and environments so there is always someplace you can visit. The gay scene here is not as big as other places, but big enough for me. L.A. is not far away either if you want more. If you like the outdoors, it is a nice place to be. Try visiting it more to get a feel for it.
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    Oct 07, 2008 7:03 PM GMT
    This is like trying to choose between my two children icon_eek.gif...uh, if I had any.

    Having grown up outside of Boston, and spending nearly every weekend in college going into the city, Bah-ston will always be my home in my heart. However, the city is NOT without it's flaws, such as:

    -Limited parking
    -Ridiculously high rent (I'm currently trying to find an apt. in the city which, especially during the school year, is a BITCH)
    -Traffic/big dig construction

    Not to mention the gay scene, in which I have yet to find anything real redeeming. Boston guys are either the nicest, almost creepily friendly guys or the most petty, pretentious queens on God's green earth (at least from my experience, I haven't hit the club scene in over a year). Not knocking any of my fellow New Englander's here, whom I haven't met but I'm sure are awesome.

    San Diego, where I spent some time living with my sister while my brother-in-law was stationed at Pendelton, is pretty much my definition of paradise. I was a lot younger, so I didn't really explore the gay scene there, but between the perfect weather and gorgeous men I saw around around every corner that was enough to make me fall in love with the city. I promised myself I'd live there someday, even for a short while.

    However, Boston does have something San Diego does not...the RED SOX! icon_biggrin.gif

    I'd say spend some time (a quick vacation) in both cities, then make up your mind from there. Good luck!
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    Oct 07, 2008 7:04 PM GMT
    You could also follow Samer's advice...Phoenix is a great city, too!
  • DiverScience

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    Oct 07, 2008 7:13 PM GMT
    I love Boston. I do not, however, love the Boston scene.

    That said, I know nothing about the SD scene.
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    Oct 08, 2008 3:03 AM GMT
    I would have to say Boston myself...but I live here and I have never been to San Diego.
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    Oct 08, 2008 3:17 AM GMT
    I was raised in San Diego & LOVE and MISS the weather, the laid-back lifestyle, the vibe, the weather, the beach, and did I mention the weather???? Anyways, cons are that SD is TOO slow, can be pretentious ESPECIALLY Hillcrest (being that SD is so close to LA, lots of guys begin to think they're better than other because they go to LA and hang!), and the reason for that is also because there's really not much of a "scene" IF that's what you want. Scenic wise, SD is BEAUTIFUL!!!! So if you're in to the relax, wear flip-flps and shorts and chillax quite a bit then SD IS the place for you! Also, if you prefer being outside, SD is SO for you!!!

    I've ONLY been thru Boston!
  • MuslDrew

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    Oct 08, 2008 3:23 AM GMT
    I've lived in San Diego twice and hope to return. It must have the best climate on the planet! You're by the ocean, near mountains, desert and not far from a major city.
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    Oct 08, 2008 4:08 AM GMT
    Well, I've got friends in San Diego so I think I'm going to plan a trip over there pretty soon. For a week or so, hopefully.

    Thanks for the input guys.

    Beaches and water aside, when it comes to big city life, does SD definitely have that city feeling? Where I live now in Norfolk, I would rate it a 2 or 3, Boston a 7, and NYC a 10. What do those of you who have at least visited both, think San Diego would rate?
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    Oct 08, 2008 7:16 AM GMT
    one of my childhood best friends father is a computer engineer, who's office is in downtown Boston, and as a teenager my friend and I would go with his father to work(trainride from Monroe Conn) he would give us couple of hundred bucks a piece and tell us to "go get some chai" and go to work......needless to say, we had alot of fun adventures....LOVE Boston though the streets are far more confusing than NewYork cities, so it is much easier to get lost...but beautifull city otherwise...have not been to Sandiego but would love to goicon_biggrin.gificon_exclaim.gif
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    Oct 08, 2008 8:19 AM GMT
    San Diego!

    Boston is clicky and cliche, unless you already know some people in Boston, it'll be really difficult to have a good lifestyle for a good amount of time. I lived in both, and I'll be officially moving to SD next June, hopefully for the rest of my life, if things are meant to be icon_smile.gif