So this Selene I was in Tucson Arizona having a weekend by myself at the family down there. I was driving down to Tucson and Kelly clarkson was on the radio. Catch my breathe can on. At first I was thinking okay this is going to a hit at the gay clubs. I tried to switch the stations cause I was not in the mood for it. 5 minutes later a different station plays it and I start to listen to be lyrics. Have the gay epiphany in public.
I am already out to family and friends but I thought my body was like saying "yeah you gay and you like dick"!
It even got better when I went to Ross for clothing to wear in Tucson. The song came on and I was subconsciously sing it and some gay guy recognizing the song said. You like it. I know your type. Everybody thinks you are straight but when you are in back room with a sweaty football star and he is taking his clothes off. You will get hard and fuck him.
I said damn. Thanks. I thought I was not that obvious with sing this song.

Oh I thought it was funny having the second gay epiphany moment in my life.