Surf Legend Kelly Slater Comes Out Against GMOs

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    Mar 01, 2013 7:16 PM GMT
    VIDEO of Surf Legend Kelly Slater Comes Out Against GMOs
    “If your father dies of cancer like mine did or if you have friends who are affected by having kids with autism you start to have a lot of questions, like where are these coming from? It seems like every day we are either learning about a new disease or a higher rate of disease in children.”

    “Now these large food companies have created all these seed banks and patented the seeds, so basically they own all the seeds and they are getting rid of biodiversity in alot of ways,” he added.

    Slater has long been a supporter of GMO labeling, if not an outright ban, as some may remember for his using his surfboard as a public awareness billboard at some international surfing competitions last year. “It seems like a no brainer to me I couldn’t imagine coming out against labeling GMO foods,” he said.

    He’s particularly sensitized to certain issues and damaging practices of biotech giants such as Monsanto,“Hawaii’s a bunch of guinea pigs, the islands are a bunch of guinea pigs for these companies,” referring to the biotech giants who have taken over the islands for GM crop field trials.

    “The track record of Monsanto doesn’t seem to be that good by most people’s calculations. How toxic is that land going to be after it is sprayed with Roundup for 15 years? Its almost going to be unusable for anything else” Slater concluded.

    See video:
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    Mar 02, 2013 8:30 PM GMT
    France will uphold a ban on Monsanto's corn.

    Gotta love this witty response from the first comment: " Play a little bit with the letters and you have MonSatan. In french Mon is My. The French know that USA Satan is MonSatan. Really is if you read what Roundup insecticide in the genetic code of a plant does. It aint pretty and you arrogant WASP eugenuist will get it in the smacker genetically speaking not in 40 years but now. Looking for terrorists in the arab world ? No need. You have Monsanto and these biotech companies which in reality are bio terrorists and will destroy USA. Maybe a good thing after all. Vive la France ! They know what these GMOs do.