March 6, 7PM: Relationship Diversities -- and how we handle them:

"Some of the diversities we will consider include Interracial, Intergenerational, Seriodiffering, International and Economically Disparate relationships." Click link for more info.

April 3, 7PM: Longevity: virtues, difficulties and how we manage these:

"We'll be considering romantic relationships of course -- but also friendship, familial ties, jobs and careers and locations of our homes. We'll discuss the values and joys of enduring relationships with others, in our work, in our home cities and neighborhoods -- and how changing values over the course of our lives, maturation, familial rejection, new opportunities and pressures to change location affect us -- and how to handle endings and impermanence." Click link for more info.

May 1, 7PM: Race Ethnicity, Diversity and Prejudice:

"In this Salon, with more to be announced, we'll look at the many aspects of how differences in such perceived characteristics as race, ethnicity, nationality and other aspects of difference are attractive, exciting and to be celebrated and how such differences produce difficulties for individuals, relationships and society and we'll look for ways we do -- and could -- meet these challenges." Click link for more info.